COINQVEST Bring Enterprise Cryptocurrency Payment Processing to Brazil in Partnership With nTokens

COINQVEST Bring Enterprise Cryptocurrency Payment Processing to Brazil in Partnership With nTokens
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A new partnership is announced between COINQVEST and nTokens that results in better enterprise cryptocurrency payment processing in Brazil. The two companies will join forces to develop more functional solutions for enterprises aiming to enter the cryptocurrency world. nTokens is one of the biggest digital currency providers in Brazil. It can now provide cryptocurrency payment processing solutions to its enterprise customers with the help of a processing platform from COINQVEST.

Easier Cryptocurrency Payments Between Businesses

Partnerships between payment and financial companies significantly affect the growth of the fintech sector. When one part of these partnerships is a cryptocurrency company, we van hope for more mainstream adoptions. COINQVEST is looking for this goal with the new collaboration with nTokens. nTokens has been successful as the first Real anchor provider in Brazil. The new partnership will help the firm expand services to cryptocurrencies easier.

As a result of the new partnership, merchants and companies in Brazil can accept payments in cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, XLM, and others. The new service helps them convert cryptocurrencies to Brazilian Real and deposit it into their bank accounts.

nTokens does the conversion job in payments. Customers can instantly convert their BRL between digital and traditional formats. The service is based on Stellar blockchain. With the new platform, Brazilian companies will have ease of mind in depositing BTL in their bank accounts.

The partnership between COINQVEST and nTokens makes it possible for COINQVEST to provide easier transactions to Brazilian merchants. They will also pay fewer transaction fees in the new service. The settlement time will be quicker, and after all, they can easily accept cryptocurrency payments.

nTokens can expand its user-base easier in partnership with COINQVEST. Thomaz Teixeira, Co-Founder, and CEO at nTokens, said

“nTokens enables digital assets to be transferred, traded, and held in a decentralized manner in compliance with legal requirements. We are excited to work with COINQVEST to bring Brazilian Real payouts to local businesses and online shops.”

One of the reasons COINQVEST and nTokens can provide instant payment service in Brazil is the rollout of a PIX service in that country. The central bank of Brazil launched the service for instant payments. When a service with support from the central bank is launched, merchants trust easier in digital payments. Payment processing services like COINQVEST and nTokens can benefit from this situation by offering user-friendly services.

The two companies hope that more enterprise customers come to their new platform. With the Stellar blockchain in the backbone, they hope that faster transactions and conversions become available for everyone.

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