Coinmarketcap Earn Launched; Earning Cryptocurrency by Learning it

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Coinmarketcap launched a service to encourage learning cryptocurrency by offering rewards. The Coinmarketcap Earn is now live. Crypto enthusiasts can sign-in the service using a Coinmarketcap account and earn BAND token.

Coinmarketcap calls Earn platform “a place for crypto enthusiasts to learn more about a crypto-asset while getting crypto rewards for doing so.”

How to Earn Coins While Learning?

Band Protocol is the first crypto asset to partner with Coinmarketcap Earn. Users only need an account in Coinmarketcap service and can access the Earn platform from their account dashboard.

The learning programs inside CMC Earn are managed as campaigns. They will typically last about eight days. After the learning campaign finishes, users have to pass quizzes about the thought material. They will earn a predetermined amount of cryptocurrency after passing the exam.

“This allows you to not only learn about an asset but to then interact with it hands-on!” according to Coinmarketcap blog post.


The learning campaigns include short videos about the partner cryptocurrency. Band Protocol, an oracle provider connecting real-world data and smart contracts, is the first partner to publish videos on the Earn campaign.

Each video consists of important information about the crypto asset that will come up in the final quiz. The last step is a one-time-only quiz that will reward users based on their scores.

The main goal of the Earn program is to increase knowledge about cryptocurrencies. These kinds of reward-based learning programs can result in attracting regular users to the crypto world, too.

“By providing a platform to educate CoinMarketCap users about cryptoassets, CoinMarketCap can increase the breadth of knowledge about the crypto industry — which supports the goal of showcasing the crypto revolution at every step of the way,” added Coinmarketcap.

Coinmarketcap plans to support more cryptocurrencies in the Earn platform. The blockchain-based project can benefit from this opportunity to teach users about their plans and features and attract more ordinary people because of the financial incentive.

Coinmarketcap invites users to suggest projects, but to be fair, the developers of those projects have to show their interests and join the Earn platform.

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