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Aeternity partner’s up with Dacade to develop a free blockchain learning platform

Even though the cryptocurrency market is going through some hard times now with the prolonged bearish price direction, it remains unquestionable that the need for competent professionals is growing with the passage of time. Aeternity has now endeavored to help with addressing this need by joining forces with an online peer to peer educational platform, Dacade, to develop a learning platform where learners will have a chance of learning developers skills while being paid(in cryptocurrency) for participating in the learning activities.

The two entities expressed the long term goal of the project through a press release which said that:

“Educate future users, entrepreneurs, and developers on the fundamentals of blockchain technology and reward students with æternity tokens”

The platform is also expected to provide students with much more than just blockchain knowledge as it is geared towards equipping prospective students with practical tools which are applicable in developing useful programs and applications.

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As expected, the first course features introductory content to blockchain going under the general title “Introduction to blockchain”. Currently, more content geared towards providing appropriate content to developers who are looking to expand their skill-base will be added to the platform.

The courses include all the basic learning tools such as tutorials and a range of more practical challenges. Learners will then obtain reviews which will be graded according to the quality of their submission. Kikola Stokajanow, chief of strategy and business development provided an explanation of the process:

“The challenge for this learning community is to come up with a problem, where blockchain technology could be meaningfully applied. If the student submits a satisfactory response, they earn 10$ in æternity tokens. Additionally they can earn 2$ in aeternity tokens for every meaningful feedback that they provide on the submissions of their peers.”

Another course known as “Aeternity 101″ focuses on furnishing students with the skills in developing applications based on the skills obtained from the available material and a range of tutorials. With this development, Aeternity harbors the hope that the platform will increase the technology’s accessibility by bring developers skills to the general public.

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