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Shipit is a platform through which you can send your packages in a different way, cheaper, safer and faster. Thanks to the fusion of the best ideas and techniques of crowdshipping, crowdsource and traditional messaging, Shipit was created.

What is Shipit?

Shipit is a platform that wants to solve the problems of the current transport in the shipments of small packages that has usually high shipping costs, high delivery times or problems that can be found during the transport, such as damages or package losses.

The idea came up in 2015 and since then the Shipit team has been working to make it a reality. The application was successfully tested in 2017 on the route Moskú – New York.

How does Shipit work?

In Shipit there are 2 types of users:

  • Senders: These are the users that need to send objects through the Shipit network.
  • Travelers: Travelers will be responsible for making the shipments submitted by the senders, in return they will receive a payment in tokens.

It is very simple to use, through the mobile application of Shipit (available for Android and iOS), the senders will take a photo of the object they want to send, indicating the place where they want it to arrive and the price they are willing to pay for the shipment, together with the measurements and the weight of the object.

Once this information has been entered in the app, it will return a list of travelers that fits our needs and the sender will proceed selecting the most suitable one.

To make this selection we can review the score that travelers have received by other senders and thus make sure to choose the best candidates.

Once a candidate is chosen, the sender can follow through the application where his / her shipment is at any given moment, in addition, both sender and traveler will be in contact through the App for any type of query that may arise.

shipit earns money carrying packages

Customs taxes are also a problem that the platform solves, since small dimensions packages are treated as a personal object and can pass through the green corridor of customs.

To discipline travelers, they must make a deposit with which they will ensure the possible loss or damage suffered by the shipments they make.

All these processes will be automated through blockchain and transactions will be subject to smart contracts.

Shipit Benefits

For the sender: The greatest benefits of Shipit are for the senders, who in addition to getting a personalized and safe shipment, save on costs and the delivery will be made in a shorter period.

For the traveler: Taking advantage of traveling to obtain an extra benefit is undoubtedly a great incentive, which Shipit users can enjoy.

sale of shipit tokens

Token SHPT

The Shipit token is named SHPT and will be the currency of the platform. Said token has the following characteristics:

  • Standard used ERC20.
  • Total tokens: 500 million.
  • Soft Cap: 3 million dollars.
  • Hard Cap: 24 million dollars.
  • Price of the token during the public sale: 0.1 $ (Private sale Bonus 55%).
  • Cryptocurrencies accepted during the token sale: ETH, BTC, LTC.
  • Private sale: May 1, 2018 – August 31, 2018.
  • Public sale: September 1, 2018 – September 30, 2018.

In a time when the creation of ICOs is something more and more extended, it is difficult to find one that contributes a different project to the others but Shipit has achieved it.

For more information visit their website or Telegram.


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