SIKURPhone hack

SIKURPhone: the impregnable Smartphone for crypto-millionaires

The innovations in blockchain technology also mean the advent of tangible solutions such as smartphones. The Brazilian company Sikur launched ... Social network of tokenized challenges

Social networks have proven to have an undeniable impact on the development of the dynamics of interpersonal, business and commercial ...

Nebulas mobotap

Nebulas begins a strategic partnership with Mobotap creators of Dolphin

Nebulas or as some call the Google of the Blockchain, is a decentralized platform that seeks to provide a search ...

Telegram TON

Telegram has Raised $850 Million through Private Pre-sale

Telegram, the messaging service that planned what may be the biggest ICO last week concluded a private sale which, according ...

Friend: blockchain platform of applications in the cloud for all

The need for mobile application development has generated a market whose dimensions are estimated in volume of up to 340 ...

ICO Wallets stolen

TITANIUM’s ICO suffers the theft of 16 million Tokens

The investors of the Titanium ICO (TBIS) received unpleasant news on February 23, when they were informed of the theft ...

Facebook Ico prohibition

Despite Ban, ICO Ads are Still Showing on Facebook.

The Facebook team announced weeks ago that they were suspending certain kinds of ads which do not conform to their ...

Votem: making mobile voting a reality thanks to blockchain

The blockchain technology is not only demonstrating its impact on business possibilities, and on the economic movement in general. Blockchain ...

Charles Munger Bitcoin opinión

Charles Munger terrified by Bitcoin

Last Wednesday, at a meeting of shareholders of the Daily Journal, Berkshoire Hathaway’s vice president Charles Munger, labeled Bitcoin’s popularity ...

DineroOne: intelligent cash drawer for routine handling in cryptocurrency

The DineroOne platform has been conceived to allow the use of cryptocurrencies for the payment of day-to-day consumption. Seeking to ...

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