Pancakeswap announces the launch of its V3 and a massive airdrop

Pancakeswap announces the launch of its V3 and a massive airdrop
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The top BSC-based decentralized cryptocurrency trading platform Pancakeswap recently unveiled its V3, offering early supporters $135k worth of CAKE, the platform’s native crypto token. The Pancakeswap V3 will go live the first week of April.

In a recent press statement, the team indicated that a suite of service upgrades, as well as competitive trading costs, trading incentives, increased liquidity provisioning, and a yield farming experience, will accompany the upcoming launch.

PancakeSwap V3 Offers $135k CAKE Airdrops and Exclusive NFTs for Early Supporters

PancakeSwap has revealed a rewards campaign that will give users an airdrop of the exchange’s CAKE token if they provide a particular amount of coins to the platform’s liquidity pools.

The campaign, which will begin on March 5 at 13:00 UTC and end on April 3 at 12:00 UTC, also offers a unique PancakeSwap V3 NFT to early supporters. However, a disclaimer warns that the token is non-transferable, which means users cannot sell them, and that the campaign may be modified or discontinued at any time.

The first phase of the campaign involves keeping a minimum of $500 USD of liquidity staked in BUSD/WBNB, USDT/WBNB, BTCB/WBNB, or ETH/WBNB liquidity pools on PancakeSwap’s Masterchef v2.

Pancakeswap announces the launch of its V3 and a massive airdrop

Users will be qualified to get a portion of the $105,000 USD worth of CAKE airdrops depending on the tiers indicated on PancakeSwap’s website if they keep their liquidity up until April 3rd, 2023. Users who withdraw liquidity during the campaign period will not be eligible for the Pancakeswap V3 airdrops, according to the firm.

Furthermore, the second phase of the campaign doubles the benefits of participation. Current users who meet the requirements for Part 1 can increase their eligibility for a portion of the $30,000 worth of CAKE airdrops.

To qualify for the additional airdrop, new users must add a minimum of $500 to $20,000 in liquidity to the selected pools between March 5 at 13:00 UTC and March 18 at 12:00 UTC, and they must keep it there until April 3 at 12:00 UTC. The same disqualification conditions as in Part 1 apply.

Anonymous developers released the first version of PancakeSwap in September 2020. PancakeSwap is built on BNB Smart Chain, a blockchain developed by Binance that allows smart contracts, as opposed to other, bigger decentralized exchanges like UniSwap, which are built on Ethereum.


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