The Last of US Developers Come to the Web3 Game

The Last of US Developers Come to the Web3 Game
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In a recent announcement, Immutable Games Studio revealed its partnership with Mineloader, a top game development studio known for co-developing some of the world’s most notable AAA titles, such as The Division 2, The Last of Us Part I, and the Final Fantasy series. 

The Game Has Started

As a new web2 development partner for the highly anticipated mobile squad-based RPG, Guild of Guardians, Mineloader will contribute 20 years of experience in game creation to enhance the game’s overall quality.

The Chief Studio Officer at Immutable Games, Justin Hulog, expressed his excitement about working with Mineloader. He noted that their extensive experience and high-quality games would help them deliver the incredible gaming experience that the Guild of Guardians and the gaming community deserve. The partnership aims to accelerate production expectations to deliver Guild of Guardians in Q4 2023.

As the primary web2 development partner for Guild of Guardians, Mineloader will significantly enhance the game’s core gameplay loop, art, and new content. Moreover, the studio will assist with various elements of the in-game economy, particularly web2-focused aspects.

At the same time, Immutable Games Studio will focus on developing web3-native components to ensure the Guild of Guardians economy is fun and sustainable.

guild of guardians

With over one million players pre-registered and an exciting new esports partnership with some of the biggest teams in the world, Guild of Guardians continues to build momentum before its launch later this year.

The collaboration between Immutable Games Studio and Mineloader marks the beginning of a long-term partnership that aims to revolutionize the world of mobile gaming.

Gaming has always been a significant part of the mainstream entertainment industry. As more and more gaming companies embrace Web3, it has the potential to become a crucial driver for mainstream users to join the movement. Web3 gaming has the potential to create new experiences and opportunities for users to interact with blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, ultimately increasing the adoption of these technologies.

Furthermore, as major developers like Mineloader join the Web3 ecosystem, it reinforces the potential of this industry to grow and expand beyond the boundaries of traditional gaming. The collaboration is a testament to the potential for Web3 games to offer new and exciting opportunities for players, developers, and investors alike.

In conclusion, the partnership between Immutable Games Studio and Mineloader marks a significant step forward for Web3 gaming.

As the industry continues to grow and evolve, we can be hopeful that more companies will join the movement and contribute to the progress of Web3. The future of Web3 gaming looks bright, and the potential for this industry to revolutionize the world of entertainment and technology is limitless.


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