Naga and Ontology announce their partnership

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Naga and Ontology have announced through a press release on Medium that they will work together to develop applications, create a new public blockchain infrastructure and an ecosystem of distributed trust.

The objective of this association will be to change the way in which the Fintech market currently operates. Both the Ontology team and the NAGA team are enthusiastic about the project and this is what its founders declare:

“We are happy to welcome NAGA to build up the application ecosystem through wielding Ontology’s next-generation public chain infrastructure. The NAGA Group AG (N4G) is a leading publicly listed German fintech firm, backed by Fosun Group and the German Stock Exchange (Deutsche Börse AG). We feel confident that together we can open up the international market, expand the Ontology ecosystem, and advance global blockchain development.”

said Jun Li. (Ontology Founder)

“We think that this partnership can really change the way crypto companies act and execute their promises. Our and Ontology’s precision and hard-working ethos will help us to not only deliver products ahead of the roadmap, but to also make them more reliable and more valuable for the whole community. ”

added Yasin Sebastian Quresh. (Founder and executive director of NAGA)



Ontology is a high performance Blockchain project in addition to a distributed trust collaboration platform.

Ontology features:

  • It can admit multiple Blockchains.
  • Support for Smart Contracts.
  • Multiple modules and protocols for commercial processes.
  • Flexibility of the entire architecture.



Founded in Germany – 2015 by Yasin Sebastian Qureshi and Benjamin Bilski. NAGA Group AG is a FinTech company focused on financial markets, virtual goods and cryptocurrencies.

NAGA features:

  • Through Blockchain it connects the world of financial commerce and virtual articles.
  • Executes scalable trading platforms for cryptographic currencies.
  • Supported by major shareholders such as: FOSUN Group, the German Stock Exchange (Deutsche Börse AG) and the Hauck and Aufhaeuser bank.
  • Holds EU financial licenses.

NAGA has 4 pillars in its project, NAGA Wallet, NAGA Trader, Switex and NAGA Academy.


NAGA WALLET supports any ERC20 token and in addition to the main cryptocurrencies, it allows the safe and simple exchange of cryptocurrencies and digital money.


NAGA TRADER is a social network dedicated to stock trading. It has more than 700 negotiation instruments, automatic copies of the main operators, a sophisticated Robo-Advisor called “CYBO” and is available in web, Android and iOS versions.


Switex wants to become the first commercial exchange of virtual goods, has an open source API for game publishers and an intelligent article management.


A virtual academy to learn Trading that, according to the RoadMap, will begin in July of 2018.


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