Ontology Integrates Chainlink Natively; Looking for Use Cases in Data Management

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Ontology announced a new partnership with Chainlink to integrate its oracle service on the TestNet. The new partnership may mean new opportunities in data management use cases.

“The move brings Chainlink oracle support to Ontology, increasing scalability, decentralization, and collaboration,” according to Ontology.

The decentralized oracle solution that has been Chainlink’s primary competitive advantage provides various secure data feeds to smart contracts. The data feed includes off-chain data, Web API, and even traditional bank payments.

Developers in the Ontology community can now use Chainlink’s oracle in their smart contracts. The integration can be accessed on TestNet, which means developers can make smart contracts that trigger based on off-chain and real-world data. Ontology uses Python as the base programming language of smart contracts. It collaborated in Chainlink’s code repo and rewrote the contracts in Python to facilitate easier integration.


The main focus area for Ontology in the recent integration with Chainlink is data management. ONT ID, the digital identity framework within Ontology and ONTO wallet, can benefit from the latest integration. The development team can integrate those services more efficiently with a broad range of dApps and enterprise infrastructure.

HydraDAO is another focus area for the partnership between Chainlink and Ontology. They are assessing the possibilities of using multiple oracles in that framework. More reliable data accuracy in smart contracts, cross-chain interactions, and cross-data source collaboration are the fundamental goals in recent experimentation.

Ontology believes the recent collaboration with Chainlink will impact scalability and strength in the platform more than any other aspect.

“Integrating Chainlink’s decentralized oracle protocol is a significant step that will boost Ontology’s ecosystem, creating a more robust and scalable platform for our expanding community. Ontology’s high-efficiency and low transaction fees, combined with Chainlink’s adept ability to consistently provide secure and reliable oracles is a potent combination that will drive mutually beneficial outcomes for our respective platforms and communities,” said Andy Ji, Co-founder of Ontology.

Chainlink’s partnership with Ontology started from last year that Adelyn Zhou, CMO and Head of Marketing in Chainlink, spoke at Otology’s ‘Future of Blockchain in China’ event in New York. They are now expanding partnership by collaborating in code development and service integration.

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