MATIC and LTC are in the Opportunity Zone, According to Santiment

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Recently, Santiment issued a warning regarding Bitcoin, indicating a potential correction scenario. This alert is based on the analysis of the supply/benefit ratio of BTC, which stands at a high 89%. Santiment considers this level a reason for caution, especially as we approach the beginning of the new year.

The supply/benefit ratio, according to Santiment, is a crucial indicator to assess the health and potential direction of the Bitcoin market. In this case, the 89% suggests that BTC could face correction risks, as this level is perceived as high. Santiment highlights that the most opportune moments for additional increases in the price of BTC usually occur when this ratio is between 40% and 70%.

In contrast to the recommended caution for the leading cryptocurrency, Santiment identifies two altcoins, Polygon (MATIC) and Litecoin (LTC), that seem to present short-term growth opportunities. While Bitcoin signals correction, these altcoins are in what the analytical company describes as the “opportunity zone.”

MATIC and LTC Adjust and According to Santiment, They Seem Promising Investments

According to data published on CoinMarketCap, Polygon (MATIC) is trading at $0.8548 after an almost 7% increase in its value, a growth that occurred in the last day. Looking back over the past month, there is a 12.18% appreciation. Its current market capitalization is almost $8.2 billion, with a trading volume that grew by 33% to $767 million.

matic polygon litecoin ltc santiment

On the other hand, we have Litecoin (LTC). Currently traded at $71.58 per unit, it has seen a 1.7% growth in the last 24 hours. Its market capitalization is almost $5.3 billion, and the trading volume for the last day was about $336 million, decreasing by 24%. Two weeks ago, LTC touched $79 and then underwent an adjustment. After a modest climb, it reached its current value.

The analysis emphasizes the importance of caution in such a dynamic and volatile market. Although Bitcoin experienced a surge above $44,000, the warning about its supply/benefit ratio suggests that investors should be prudent and attentive to possible correction movements.

The proximity of the new year should also be seen as a contributing factor to volatility, as markets tend to experience increased explosiveness during this period. Santiment emphasizes that, despite widespread expectations of a bullish market, investments must be approached with great caution.


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