Investor Brian Kelly Believes Crypto Bull Market Will Last More Than a Year

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Brian Kelly, an experienced investor in the cryptocurrency space, shared his optimistic perspective on the current market. According to Kelly, we are witnessing the beginning of a bull market that could extend for a period of 12 to 18 months. In a recent interview on CNBC’s Fast Money, the founder and CEO of the digital asset investment firm BKCM highlighted several indicators supporting his positive outlook.

Kelly emphasizes the breadth of the market as a key indicator of the health of a bull market. In this regard, he mentions that the rally is diversifying, including projects such as Polkadot, Cosmos (Atom), and Solana. Kelly sees this expansion in the market’s scope as a sign of fundamental strength. Additionally, he highlights active development in the decentralized finance space, with an increase in activity in decentralized exchanges and lending, further solidifying the market’s foundation.

One focal point is the potential approval of Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Kelly anticipates that, although this could initially trigger a mass sell-off, it would present a buying opportunity. His reasoning centers on the idea that many investors have yet to include Bitcoin in their portfolios, and the approval of ETFs would provide an institutional avenue to do so.

According to Kelly, Following the Fluctuations, the Market Should Continue to Rise

The investor notes the existence of a speculative fever surrounding Bitcoin ETFs, suggesting that this may peak in the current week. However, he views any resulting correction as temporary and an opportunity for those who have not yet entered the market.

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Kelly also foresees an increase in institutional investment as ETFs are approved. Even a small percentage allocation in individual retirement accounts (IRAs) or private wealth managers’ portfolios could have a significant impact on the market, according to him.

Brian’s analysis provides an optimistic view of the market, highlighting breadth, diversification, and active development in the DeFi space as positive indicators. Additionally, he anticipates that the approval of Bitcoin ETFs could generate initial volatility but contribute to driving the market in the long term, especially with the entry of institutional investors. In the coming days, we will have a clearer picture of the situation and see which forecasts prove most accurate.


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