Everex: making banking accessible to the world with blockchain

In this wave of ICO’s many interesting blockchain projects have come to light giving without doubt a great value to ...


Tierion: the notary blockchain

Applications of blockchain technology are very versatile. Due its characteristics of transparency and immutability, blockchain allows reliable verification of documents, ...

atb coin

Let’s talk about ATB Coin

ATB Coin is a unique digital currency based blockchain and designed to offer fast, secure payments to anyone in the ...


SONM: Decentralized Supercomputing

We are experiencing a boom in public offers to acquire tokens or investment currencies of various projects involving blockchain technology ...


The Qtum project, a mixture of Bitcoin and Ethereum

The Qtum project, created by the Quantum Foundation (whose headquarters are in Singapore) have like an aims to mix the ...



About FundRequest Open-source software is often developed by many programmers who volunteer their skills. We want to offer an integrated ...



The Blockchain technology allows us to send assets in a Peer-to-Peer trustless way. So why not develop an Internet of ...



What is ChronoBank.io? ChronoBank.io is an ambitious and wide-ranging blockchain project, aimed at disrupting the HR/recruitment/finance industries in a similar ...

Last News about ICOs and IEOs

The ICOs, IEOS or tokensales are a financing form for companies and projects, in which an investment of fiat or cryptocurrencies is requested in exchange for a number of project tokens.

Here you can find information about the best ICOs and IEOs, the projects that they will carry out, who performs them and other interesting information.

In this section we give you the information of interest related to the new ICOs and IEOs, which will be useful for a more detailed investigation before making your investment.

Before investing, we recommend carrying out a preliminary study and contrasting the information from various sources.

On many occasions, those projects that initially appear to be of quality do not end up fulfilling their initial objectives, either because the technology is not adapted appropriately or because the development team abandons it.