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Have you heard of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies and have not been able to invest due to lack of capital? What are you waiting for! Do you know that you can get free bitcoin? If you do not know how to do it, do not miss out on this tutorial.

Is it possible to get bitcoin for free?

Oddly enough, the answer is YES, it is possible to get bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies for free. It’s not something we’re going to get rich with, but it’s a way of investing like any other, where instead of risking your money, what you invest in is your time or knowledge.

Where can I get free bitcoin?

Contest and giveaways 


There are many pages that run giveaways or contests where the final prizes are bitcoin [BTC] or other cryptocurrencies, this practice is very used to loyalty users, attract new users and promote the use of cryptocurrencies.

Getting bitcoin for free with these giveaways requires little effort on many occasions.

For example in Crypto Economy we have created a section called “The crypto of the month” where we talk about promising projects of the blockchain ecosystem and accompany them with a draw in which we give away the cryptocurrency of said project.

In this way the winners can change the prize for bitcoin [BTC] and thus obtain it without cost. To participate in the different contests, you just have to click on the side banners and follow the specified instructions.



There are several ways to get bitcoin without investing money. The most common are the faucets, although there are others less known that can give us a good benefit.

Bitcoin faucets are pages that give away bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies for doing a task, such as watching videos, visiting websites, resolving captchas. For each action they give out a number of satoshis that we can accumulate.

To withdraw the satoshis from the faucet to another wallet we only have to accumulate the minimum required by the website.

For example, if a website gives us 50 satoshis every time we see an ad, and to withdraw they demand to have gathered 1000 satoshis, we will need to see 20 ads before we can get our bitcoins for free.

When using faucets you have to be careful, since many times these types of platforms can cease to be profitable and close from one day to the next, keeping the satoshis that have cost a lot of time to get. To avoid this, whenever you get to the minimum withdrawal amount, you must send your satoshis to a wallet that you have total control over.

  • Freebitcoin

bitcoin faucet freebitcoinOne of the best-known faucets is FreeBitcoin. Once the registration is made, the action is very simple: every hour we will have to solve a capcha and click the button ROLL!

Pressing this button will give a number, and depending on that number, we will get a reward in satoshis. Once 60 min have passed we can press the button again.

It also gives the possibility to get referrals, the platform will give us a reward every time they press ROLL.

Another of its most known features is the option “Multiply BTC” where you can bet the obtained satoshis and multiply them … or lose them.

  • BTC clicks

WIN BITCOIN FREE AT BTC CLICKSAnother veteran page in the sector is BTC Clicks, this page offers rewards in satoshis to watch advertising. The platform offers a number of daily webpages which must be visited and as a reward satoshis are obtained.

This website has an affiliate option and referrals that can be charged with a commission in the range of 40 to 80%.

What benefits do pages that offer free bitcoins get?

Many people wonder how it is possible for a page to give away bitcoins, since we all know that nobody gives away something for nothing, it is what makes us distrust this type of platform.

These pages are just another business and they are made to obtain a benefit, which they obtain, like most websites, through the advertisments that are displayed in them.

The difference is that these pages allocate a part of the money they get for advertising to reward users who use their platform. Therefore they obtain money and their users get free bitcoins, a perfect wheel that if executed in the correct manner does not stop rotating.

Jobs as Freelancer

faucets (1)

There are several pages where you can do jobs in exchange for bitcoins, among these pages we can highlight XbtcFreelancer, Cryptogrind or Coinality.

The process to get free bitcoins on these platforms is as follows:

Once registered in the platform, it will proceed to look for the offers that fit within the skills that we have.

Suppose there is an offer to make a banner for a website, this offer will explain the details to perform the work and the range of prices that they are willing to pay for it.

Candidates will explain their skills to perform the work, the price for which they would accept to do so and if they have a portfolio or website where they can show similar works they have done previously.

The bidder will choose the candidate they like the most and contact them to perform the work and the payment terms.

Sale Goods in Bitcoins

sell bit

Actually this way we will not get Bitcoin for free, since we will be exchanging an object for the cryptocurrency, but it is a very valid option when it comes to getting bitcoin without an investment. Promote objects that you want to sell through your social networks and ask for Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies for them. Although you may not believe it, there are many people who have invested in cryptocurrencies and do not know what to do with them, maybe some of these people are interested in your objects.

Social networks

Although you may not believe it, there are social networks with which you can earn money.

steemit the social network with which to earn cryptocurrenciesThe best known is Steemit and in this social network, the votes that users give to your articles will be converted into cryptocurrencies, which you can then use to exchange for bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies or Fiat money.

If you want to know more about this social network do not miss out on this article.


Referrals are people who register on a website with the invitation of another user of that platform, for example:

Once a registration is made in Freebitcoin, on the user profile, we can access a link to get referrals.

Every person who registers through this link will be referred and will give a commission to the person who has invited them to the page.

As a reward, referrals can report a percentage of the satoshis that they get, a bonus in mining speed, points to exchange on the platform, even in exchanges that allow referrals, they can give a commission each time they perform a transaction.

Getting a good source of referrals that are active and use the platforms that we invite them can return good benefits.

What can I do with the bitcoin I obtain?

Once we have accumulated satoshis, we can choose several ways to obtain a benefit:


A very common option for people who invest in bitcoins is to save them hoping that in the future the price of the cryptocurrency will rise and obtain a greater benefit (what is known as hold).

Surely you’ve heard that bitcoin can reach a value of 1 million dollars, following this data, we can assume that if today we get bitcoins for free, through the means explained with a value of 1 dollar and keep it, if bitcoin reaches that value of 1 million, our dollar would have a value of about 147 dollars.


If you want to opt for something more risky, you can send the satoshis obtained to an exchange and start trading, this option is more risky, but it is the one that can offer the highest return.

Cloud mining

This option is the least advisable, since to obtain a good performance you have to make a large investment and investigate what currency is more profitable to mine, but if you are consistent you can also make a long-term profit.

In cloud mining, what is done is rent mining power to mine the cryptocurrency that we choose, if every time we gather cryptocurrencies increases the power of the rented mining it can be profitable.

A well-known page cloud mining that will allow us to change what currency we want to mine with just a click is Eobot. In this page we also have the option of faucet where every day they give us a small amount of the currency that we are mining. Eobot has been working since 2013 which gives a certain confidence.

Tips when it comes to getting free bitcoin:

When we obtain bitcoins in these type of platforms we must be careful, because although the bitcoins we are getting are free we can lose them and therefore we will lose the time invested.

  • We can investigate if the platform we are going to use pays its users looking for opinions in forums, this is a simple and effective way to find possible Scams.
  • The platforms that have offered these services for years are more reliable than those that have recently begun to offer them.
  • Many of these websites in addition to offering free bitcoins, give the option to invest in other types of services, here we must take special care and ensure that the page is 100% reliable, when the slightest doubt exists it is best not to invest.
  • We must use different passwords for the logins on these type of platforms, since many of them, with the claim of offering free bitcoins, are looking for you to register with your username and password that you use regularly, with this data they can trace in all the pages related to bitcoin and cryptocurrencies and access your user, being able to extract all your cryptocurrencies.

You have understand that the process of obtaining free bitcoins is slow and you have to be constant if you want to obtain a benefit, if what you want is a great benefit in a short time and effortlessly, this is not the way to get it.

Have you used faucets or some other way to get free bitcoins? Tell us about your experience! What are your preferred platforms? Do you want us to do a tutorial on a specific one?

Get in touch with us through [email protected] or leave us a comment.


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