Gnosis and Sushi are collaborating to offer a shared Safe Apps grant of up to $6000

Gnosis and Sushi are collaborating to offer a shared Safe Apps grant of up to $6000
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Gnosis announced a collaboration with Sushi, focused on providing a $6000 grant. The new partnership offers a Safe Apps grant for individuals and team developers. The ultimate goal is to find the best application to let users interact with some of the most famous Ethereum DeFi applications through Gnosis Safe Multisig.

Collaborating to Incentivize Developers

Developer grants are standard action in the software world. They’re designed to help individuals and small developer teams find the needed money for their development processes. In the blockchain world, where most developers are independent, these grants help them create dApps faster and with more financial confidence. The recent collaboration between Gnosis and Sushi is focused on helping developers who want to make Safe Apps for the following applications:

  • SushiSwap App
  • Sushi Liquidity Management App
  • Cream
  • yGift
  • Bento

Gnosis believes the Safe Apps for famous DeFi services helps them find more users faster. Safe Apps make it possible for the users to interact with Ethereum applications from the Gnosis Safe Multisig. When applications are added to the Gnosis Safe, running them is like executing regular multi-sig transactions. Developers who wish to compete for the latest grant from Gnosis can use the Safe App SDK’s newest release to make their applications faster and easier.

It’s not the first time that Gnosis runs a grant to help developers. The past grants focused on enabling small teams and individual independent developers to extend the functionality of the Gnosis Safe Multisig. When more developers create Safe Apps on the platform, more applications will be accessible for the final users.

The recent collaboration with Sushi is focused on attracting the growing community of DeFi users. According to the latest announcement:

“This collaboration with Sushi increases the grant amount, meaning that developers are now eligible for an additional payout of up to $3K in SUSHI if they develop a Safe App for one of the five listed applications—giving you the ability to bag a grant payout of up to $6K!”

Gnosis believes in a bright future for Gnosis Safe Multisig. They see it as a platform that can connect multiple decentralized services easily.

The announcement continues:

“We strongly believe the Gnosis Safe Multisig should be a browser for the Internet of Value, and we want to build this browser together with the entire Ethereum ecosystem. We would like to sincerely thank the team at Sushi for working with us to achieve this vision.”

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