Cryptonews Weekly Recap #25

cryptonews recap
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Hello cryptofans! Today we bring you a super comprehensive recap of the most important news in the cryptocurrency world this week. Ready to find out what’s going on?

First, we’ll talk about Cardano (ADA), which is in a pullback and a bearish flag, but despite this, it is expected to hold at $0.37. It seems that the coin is going through a small crisis, but take heart, it will surely rebound soon.

Continuing with Ethereum (ETH), good news! Deposit contracts have reached their all-time high in version 2.0. This means that more and more people trust this cryptocurrency and its blockchain technology.

Now we move on to something more fun: the battle of the memes in the middle of the OKX list. Who is the king of memes? Pepe! Yes, the most famous frog on the internet has won this curious competition. Although it is always advisable to go carefully with this type of new tokens.


As for Bitcoin (BTC), it is just below $30,000, but everything indicates that it may break that barrier again in the short term, as explained by our technical analysis specialist. This is exciting! What will happen to the price of the most famous currency in the world?

But it’s not all joy in the crypto world, as Ethereum (ETH) has broken lower, although it maintains its main support at $1,800.

In addition, this week saw the launch of the SUI Mainnet. What is it. It is a new cryptocurrency that promises a lot. Here we tell you everything you need to know about it – stay tuned!

Finally, we told you about the White House’s proposal to impose a punitive tax on cryptocurrency mining – how crazy! But don’t worry, because there are those who are fighting against this idea, such as Robert Kennedy Jr.

In conclusion, this is an interesting time in the world of cryptocurrencies, with ups and downs and surprises. But in the end, the important thing is to be informed in order to be able to make smart decisions regarding our investments. see you next time friends!


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