Crypto Outflows Surge: $1.2B Withdrawn Over Two Weeks Due to Fed Rate Fears

Crypto Outflows Surge: $1.2B Withdrawn Over Two Weeks Due to Fed Rate Fears
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  • Digital asset investment products saw significant outflows for the second consecutive week.
  • Pessimism over interest rate cuts by the FED drives cryptocurrency sales.
  • Altcoins and multi-asset products see inflows, suggesting buying opportunities in the market.

Digital asset investment products have experienced a second consecutive week of significant capital outflows, adding a total of $584 million in the last week and accumulating $1.2 billion in two weeks.

This phenomenon reflects a genuine correction in the market, driven mainly by investor pessimism regarding possible interest rate cuts by the Federal Reserve (FED) this year.

The Bitcoin market has been the hardest hit, recording outflows worth $630 million.

Despite the prevailing negativity, investors have not increased their short positions, as evidenced by the outflows of $1.2 million from short positions in Bitcoin.

This behavior indicates a lack of conviction that Bitcoin prices will continue to decline in the short term.

Ethereum has also been a victim of this negative trend, with outflows amounting to $58 million.

However, not all the news is negative in the cryptocurrency space.

Some investors have viewed recent weaknesses in the altcoin market as a buying opportunity, resulting in significant inflows into certain cryptocurrencies.

Solana, Litecoin and Polygon have recorded inflows of 2.7 million, 1.3 million and 1 million dollars respectively.

Multi-asset investment products have seen inflows totaling $98 million.

This interest suggests that investors are diversifying their portfolios and taking advantage of weakness in the altcoin cryptocurrency market.

Despite the predominant exits, these entries into multi-asset products show a buying attitude among certain market segment.

Cryptocurrency Outflows Increase: $1.2B Withdrawn in Two Weeks for Fear of Fed Rates

Geographic Analysis and Cryptocurrency Market Volumes

From a geographic perspective, the United States has recorded the largest outflows with $475 million, followed by Canada with $109 million.

Other markets such as Germany and Hong Kong have also seen outflows, with $24 million and $19 million respectively.

In contrast, Switzerland and Brazil have bucked the trend, reporting inflows of $39 million and $48.5 million respectively.

Additionally, trading volumes for global exchange-traded products (ETPs) have hit their lowest level since the launch of ETFs in the United States in January, with just $6.9 billion traded over the past week.

This decline in trading volumes reinforces the idea that investors are taking a cautious stance in the current climate of economic uncertainty in cryptocurrencies.

The digital asset market is undergoing a significant correction period, marked by substantial outflows and reduced trading volumes.

However, the buying attitude towards certain altcoins and multi-asset products suggests that there are still segments of the market that see opportunities amid the volatility.

The geographic distribution of capital flows also highlights the variability in investor sentiment globally, with some markets showing resilience and others in marked retreat.


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