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ATB - ATB coin
Start: 12/07/2017 12:00:00
End: 01/09/2017 12:00:00
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  • ATB coin cryptodivisas icos
    ATB Coin aims to create a large-scale investment platform to facilitate the exchange and management of financial assets based on technologies such as Proof-of-stake and Segwit.
    Edward Ng - CEO
    Sonja Warner - Communications Advisor
    Herbert W. Hoover - Co- Founder Advisor
    Waiki Hui - Technology Advisor
    David Jacobs - International business Advisor
    Simon Choi - Financial Legal Advisor
    Jude Huang - Web-app technology advisor
    Gary Gan - Investor and advisor

    EVX - Everex
    Start: 24/07/2017 00:00:00
    End: 30/09/2017 00:00:00
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  • Everex cryptodivisas icos
    Everex is a new platform raised to create a global micro-finance and remittance services network through blockchain technology. This startup aims to overcome the current challenges of international micro-financing, implemented in a global scale, in an easy-to-use network for users worldwide, even from a smartphone.
    Alexi Lane - CEO, Founder
    Alexander Kakunov - CTO, Co-founder
    Jean-Baptiste Decorzent - Inclusive Finance
    Anton Dzyatkovskii - Microlending
    Artem Kolesnikov - Lead Engineer
    Anastasia Khizhnyakova - Marketing

    TNT - Tierion
    Start: 27/07/2017 00:00:00
    End: 10/08/2017 00:00:00
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  • Tierion cryptodivisas icos
    Companies that handle large amounts of customer data such as insurance, healthcare companies or financial services can now benefit from this new initiative for data storage and verification raised by Tierion. This new platform will provide a secure way to store and verify data at a much lower cost than current systems.
    Wayne Vaughan - Co-founder and CEO
    Jason Bukowski - Co-founder & Lead Developer
    Glenn Rempe - VP Engineering

    STX - Stox
    Start: 02/08/2017 00:00:00
    End: 16/08/2017 14:00:00
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  • Stox cryptodivisas icos
    Stox appears as a new decentralized betting market or prediction market where anyone can predict and trade with the outcome of future events such as sports, finance, political elections and even weather. The Stox platform is based on Ethereum.
    Ophir Gertner - Founder
    Yossi Peretz - COO
    Marek Lorinc - Executive Director
    Shay Cohen - Head of UX & Design
    Oded Noam - Blockchain Architect
    Leonid Beder - Blockchain Security Architect
    Oren De-Lange - Community Manager
    Assaf Moalem - Controller

    BMC - Blackmoon
    Start: 05/08/2017 13:00:00
    End: 12/09/2017 13:00:00
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  • Blackmoon cryptodivisas icos
    Blackmoon Crypto is a platform that facilitates the diversification of capitals through tokenized funds whose goal is to combine instruments and wisdom from fiat with the flexibility of the blockchain for investors around the world.
    Oleg Seydak - Founder & CEO
    Ilya Perekopsky - Co-founder
    Ilya Remizov - Chief Technology Officer
    Alexander Rugaev - Chief Crypto Officer
    Sergey Vasin - Investment Director
    Felipe Lema Vorobey - PR&Marketing Director

    XUC - Exchange Union
    Start: 07/08/2017 02:00:00
    End: 30/09/2017 02:00:00
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  • Exchange Union cryptodivisas icos
    Exchange Union proposes a interconnection platform between the different exchanges using a blockchain network to facilitate the operations to traders in a more efficient environment and with better performance to obtain the best prices in its exchange businesses.
    James Wo
    Terry Culver
    Mikael Wang
    William Hou

    SKY - Skycoin
    Start: 08/08/2017 12:00:00
    End: 31/08/2017 12:00:00
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  • Skycoin cryptodivisas icos
    Skycoin is designed to implement Satoshi's original vision and fix the problems with Bitcoin. Skycoin is a third generation crypto coin. The Skycoin project is a long term infrastructure project that began around the time Litecoin was launched. Skycoin is designed as a successor to Bitcoin. Skycoin is focused on core features, security, usability and simplifying Bitcoin instead of adding features as a marketing gimmick.
    Michael Terpin - Marketing
    Richard Kastelein - Marketing
    Synth - Architect and project figurehead
    Steve - Developer and project manager
    iketheadore - Developer
    Monty Crypto (Xa No) - Wallets Developer
    Erich Quist - Dessigner
    meam364 - Website developer
    Evan - BBS app developer

    ATS - Authorship
    Start: 15/08/2017 00:00:00
    End: 14/09/2017 00:00:00
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  • Authorship cryptodivisas icos
    Authorship simplifies the functioning of book publishing industry, help authors, readers, translators, and publishers to make use of the modern technologies and to play their part in decentralization of the internet.
    N. Warfield - Chief Executive Officer
    P. Coman - Chief Development Officer

    PRO - Propy
    Start: 15/08/2017 07:00:00
    End: 15/09/2017 07:00:00
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  • Propy cryptodivisas icos
    Propy will be an online real estate marketplace platform built on the Ethereum network. Its token will be the PRO, which will help sustaining a prosperous and functional ecosystem to maintain the Propy Registry database.
    Natalia Karayaneva - CEO
    Andrey Zamovski - Blockchain Architect
    Alexander Voloshyn - CTO
    Maria Angelova - CFO
    John Wong - Business Development
    Denitza Tyufekchieva - Business Dev.
    John Heeter - Solidity Developer
    Ivan Ivanov - Mobile Developer
    Oleksii Konashevych - Blockchain architect

    Start: 17/08/2017 12:00:00
    End: 15/09/2017 12:00:00
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  • ICOS cryptodivisas icos
    ICOBOX is a platform for the creation and management of ICOs that will offer technical, legal and marketing services to new projects. The ICOS' token will give the opportunity to acquire tokens of the ICOs launched through ICOBOX at a 75% discount.
    Mike Raitsyn - CEO
    Nick Evdokimov - Vision Director
    Anar Babaev - CMO
    Dmitry Khovratovich - SSC CTO
    Sergei Motov - Legal Counsel
    Daniel Minkov - Senior Product Manager
    Dmitry Kovalchouk - Business Analyst
    Taras Kozlov - Tech Lead
    Dima Zaitsev - Head of PR

    RCC - Reality Clash
    Start: 29/08/2017 00:00:00
    End: 29/10/2017 00:00:00
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  • Reality Clash cryptodivisas icos
    Reality Clash is a new augmented reality combat game for Android and Iphone based on Ethereum technology. Reality Clash is backed by a team that has participated in the development of games for Activision, Disney, UbiSoft and Microsoft. This token sale is intended to raise funds for the complete development of this new game.
    Morten Rongaard - Co-Founder
    Tony Pearce - Co-Founder
    Paul Mottram - Lead Developer
    Ben Hebb - Executive producer
    Ella Romans - Head Producer
    Sam Barkaway - Project manager
    Sonja Angelevska - Community Manager
    Jove Stojcevski - Web designer
    Nikola Mukoski - Web developer

    MTH - Monetha
    Start: 31/08/2017 00:00:00
    End: 30/09/2017 14:00:00
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  • Monetha cryptodivisas icos
    Monetha is a payment platform based on Ethereum and driven by a decentralized reputation and trust system (DTRS). It operates with smart contracts so that a buyer can see the reliability of a seller based on the reputation he has obtained in previous transactions.
    Andrej Ruckij - Co-Founder/Technology
    Eric Duprat - Payments lead
    Kellogg N. Fairbank - Sales
    Dr. Jean-Marc Seigneur - DTR lead
    Justas Pikelis - Co-Founder/Business
    Laurynas Jokubaitis - Co-Founder/Product
    Viaceslavas Ruckis - Engineering lead
    Erikas Malisauskas -Front end developer
    Martynas Adomaitis - Smart Contract dev.

    ROOTS - RootProject
    Start: 05/09/2017 13:00:00
    End: 30/11/-0001 00:00:00
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  • RootProject cryptodivisas icos
    Rootproject is a funding platform to promote crowdfundings aimed to disadvantaged individuals or entities around the world. Investors in addition to contributing to a noble cause, may benefit from tax deductions.
    Chris Place - Cofounder
    Dr. Nicholas Adams Judge - Cofounder
    Dr. Ashley Hooper - Advisor
    Anton Kraminkin - Development Director
    Zac Filan - Principal Software Engineer
    Alex Bazhanau - Principal Ethereum Engineer

    RvT - Rivetz
    Start: 10/09/2017 00:00:00
    End: 10/10/2017 00:00:00
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  • Rivetz cryptodivisas icos
    The Rivetz cyber security token aims to create a secure environment in a hardware level using blockchain technology. Creating a secure storage space shared by multiple devices operating outside of their operating systems.
    Steven Sprague - CEO & Cofounder Michael Sprague - CTO & Cofounder Sean Gilligan - VP Engineering Mark Hoblit - Senior Developer Greg Laun - Software Developer

    STU - bitJob
    Start: 12/09/2017 00:00:00
    End: 13/10/2017 00:00:00
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  • bitJob cryptodivisas icos
    A Decentralized P2P Students Marketplace for Online short-term Jobs, powered by Ethereum Blockchain. Aimed at revolutionizing the way students make a living and gain occupational experience while still studying. bitJob will give students the opportunity to receive immediate payment for their abilities from professional employers and to sharpen their skills while enriching their dynamic resume.
    Dror Medalion - Co-founder & CEO Bogdan Fiedur - Co-founder & CTO Aviad Gindi - Co-founder & CFO Elad Kofman - Co-founder & CMO Edward Ruchevits - Lead Back-end Ðeveloper Micha Roon - Ethereum Developer Alex Oberhauser - Blockchain Technologist

    CND - Cindicator
    Start: 12/09/2017 00:00:00
    End: 12/10/2017 00:00:00
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  • Cindicator cryptodivisas icos
    Cindicator is a platform that brings together a large number of analysts with a new auto-learning AI software to assist in making market decisions in times of great uncertainty. With this social and technological infrastructure of hybrid intelligence, investors can successfully and efficiently manage their capital in the traditional and crypto-currency markets.
    Mike Brusov - co-founder, CEO
    Yuri Lobyntsev - co-founder, CTO
    Artem Baranov - co-founder, COO
    Nodari Kolhmahidze - CIO
    Kate Kurbanova - Head of Analytics
    Aleksandr Frolov - Data Scientist
    Misha Vasilev - Data Scientist, iOS Lead
    Evgeniy Koltsov - Data Scientist
    Sergey Bliznetsov - Frontend Architect

    Start: 14/09/2017 00:00:00
    End: 08/12/2017 02:00:00
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  • STORM cryptodivisas icos
    StorMarket is a decentralized platform to offer and contract micro-job services. Thanks to Ethereum's smart-contract technology, the parties involved now have an easy and safe way to achieve this goal.
    Simon Yu - Co-Founder and CEO
    Calvin Hsieh - Co-Founder and CTO
    Rui Maximo - Blockchain Engineer
    Sean Zhong - VP of Engineering
    Arry Yu - COO
    Bill Shihara - Advisor & Investor
    Brett Noyes - Blockchain Advisor

    MNTP - Goldmint
    Start: 20/09/2017 00:00:00
    End: 20/10/2017 00:00:00
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  • Goldmint cryptodivisas icos
    GoldMint company emits GOLD digital assets on its own and ensures their buy-back at the current gold price. Physical gold and ETF guarantee GoldMint company’s pay ability. The assets are purchased and sold according to emitted GOLD volume. At the same time, the company’s assets evaluated in 999 gold standard ounces are always equal or exceed the number of GOLD tokens emitted
    Dmitry Plutschevsky - Founder and CEO
    Anton Akentiev - Lead Blockchain Developer
    Konstantin Pichugin - CTO
    Evgeniy Volfman - Co-founder and CBDO
    Alexander Pavlov - Product Director
    Maxim Uperyaka - Marketing Manager
    Peter Bel - PR Manager

    TIE - Ties Network
    Start: 21/09/2017 12:00:00
    End: 12/10/2017 12:00:00
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  • Ties Network cryptodivisas icos
    Ties.Network is the analogy of LinkedIn for the crypto-community. It is a decentralized platform for traders, investors, developers, consultants and enthusiasts that allows professionals to find partners, employees and volunteers, sell their products or services, secure business deals via smart contracts, promote themselves and finance their projects. People can work individually or as teams to accomplish their objectives.
    Alexander Neymark - Founder, CEO
    Dmitry Kochin - Founder, CTO, PhD
    Anton Filatov - Head of Software Development
    Natalia Tokar - Business Development Partner
    Nicola Marangoni - Java developer, Big Data Expert

    UNIKOINGOLD - Unikrn
    Start: 22/09/2017 00:00:00
    End: 01/10/2017 00:00:00
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  • Unikrn cryptodivisas icos
    This cryptocurrency aims to manage rewards and licenses of e-sprots tournaments through a token in the ethereum network. The token is called UnikoinGold and will serve to reward and incentive players, participants and teams of e-sports.
    Rahul Sood - Co-Founder and CEO
    Karl Flores - Co-Founder and CMO
    Daniel Rudolph - CTO
    Andrew Donley - Lead Crypto Engineer
    Bryce Blum - Outside General Counsel
    Kingsley Edwards - VP Business Development
    Chris Grove - Advisor

    SCT - Soma
    Start: 26/09/2017 15:00:00
    End: 26/10/2017 15:00:00
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  • Soma cryptodivisas icos
    Soma is a decentralized trade platform for goods. Incorporate a reward system to enable collaboration between users. Each transaction not only changes the owner of a physical product but also the Interactive Item Card (IIC) of the item, which can affect the value of the physical item in the future thanks to user interactions.
    Jukka Hilmola - Co-Founder
    Joseph Al Sharif - Co-Founder
    Sami Suosalo - CFO
    Ville Valkonen - Legal advisor
    Sylwia Rogowicz - Project manager
    Tomasz Cichowicz - Senior Developer
    Anna Makowska - Senior Developer
    Vladimir Serbin - Senior developer
    Tomasz Klim - Security specialist

    BBI - Beluga Pay
    Start: 01/10/2017 07:00:00
    End: 31/01/2018 07:00:00
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  • Beluga Pay cryptodivisas icos
    In 2017, more than 2 billion adults and up to 39% of the total world population still do not have access to a bank account. Beluga Pay is a mobile point of sale system that will accept cryptocurrencies, credit and debit. Beluga will apply its model in developing countries where larger, traditional companies have not helped merchants to use modern payment methods.
    Alex Avila - CEO
    Hugo Munguía - CTO
    Saravana Malaichami - CDO
    María Avila - Customer Happiness
    Carlos Roca - CFO
    Alan Milke - Software Architect
    Alejandro Muñoz - UX/UI Designer
    Diego Gonzalez - Product Lead
    Wenndy Rodriguez - CCO

    DOV - DOVU
    Start: 03/10/2017 00:00:00
    End: 17/10/2017 00:00:00
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  • DOVU cryptodivisas icos
    Applying blockchain technology will transform our thinking about data and mobility. Because blockchain can verify value contributed independently, whether you are a corporate or an individual, everybody will be fairly rewarded for their contribution to the mobility ecosystem.
    Irfon Watkins - CEO/Founder
    Arwen Smit - CMO/Founder
    Krasina Mileva - COO & Legal Counsel/Founder
    Alex Morris - Head of Product
    Tom Holder - CTO
    James Guest - Head of Blockchain Production
    Lars Klawitter, Advisor
    Rob Jones - Advisor

    CH - Coinhealth
    Start: 12/10/2017 12:00:00
    End: 20/02/2018 12:00:00
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  • Coinhealth cryptodivisas icos
    The cryptocurrency that will revolutionize health care solutions by harnessing the power of decentralized apps and blockchain technology. CoinHealth is the world first Token for the Healthcare industry designed to reward you in CoinHealth for staying health. CoinHealth plans to interface at all levels with both the healthcare and finance industries. Revolutionizing the way you invest in your future and health.
    Michael Ryan - CEO and Founder
    Shelly Colquitt - Co-founder
    Pablo Romera - Chief Information Officer, Advisor
    Joseph Lowe - Chief Strategy Officer
    Jorge Moreno - COO at Familia Care and MiDoctors Clinics
    Ryan Hendricks - Blockchain Engineer
    Stuart Farmer - Blockchain Engineer
    Nicholas Huber - Marketing and Business Development

    WRC - Worldcore
    Start: 14/10/2017 00:00:00
    End: 15/12/2017 09:00:00
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  • Worldcore cryptodivisas icos
    Worldcore had already been known as a successful payment institution. Trade Wordcore tokens on market right after the end of ICO and receive a share of annual profit of well-established operating business.
    Alex Nasonov - CEO Founder
    Evgenii Zhuikov - .Net Team Lead
    Sean Patterson - CMO
    Igor Prokhorenko - CTO
    Bohdan Taranenko - CA and CO
    Ilyas Garifullin - C# Senior Developer
    Sergei Surkov - C# Senior Developer
    Sergey Bazilevskih - C# Senior Developer
    Daniil Panov - C# and PHP Developer

    CRTM - Cryptum
    Start: 17/10/2017 00:00:00
    End: 17/11/2017 00:00:00
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  • Cryptum cryptodivisas icos
    Cryptum ICO is a multi-layer investment project with the goal of funding a high-end board game design, development and publishing studio, starting with their first announced title: the strategy cryptomining board game Blockchain: The Cryptocurrency Board Game. They are using Ethereum-based tokens to offer proof-of-ownership access to free games, shared profits and initial amounts of their future cryptocurrency Cryptumcoin
    Nikolai TsekovCore - Project Manager
    Anton BelevCore - Lead Developer
    Kiril VenevCore - CTO
    Grigor Stoichkov - Core Technical Advisor
    Tihomir Terziev - Board Games Co-designer
    Zahary Dimitrov - Games 2D Design
    Alexandra Pashova - Board Game Design

    MIRO - Mirocana
    Start: 19/10/2017 00:00:00
    End: 19/11/2017 00:00:00
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  • Mirocana cryptodivisas icos
    Mirocana is a self-reinforcing Artificial Intelligence based on deep-learning neural nets and other modern machine learning models that analyse huge volumes of data to predict financial markets.
    George Petrov - Founder and CEO
    Eugene Ulyanov - Head of Operations
    Daria Patanina - Head of Marketing
    Vasily Boychuck - Head of Data Science
    Alexey Dementyev - Head of Product Dev.
    Daria Shchurik - Head of Analytics
    Dmitriy Tolstyakov - Head of Strategic Division
    Vlasialav Pochukalin - Head of Design

    NTK - Neurotoken
    Start: 25/10/2017 00:00:00
    End: 28/11/2017 12:00:00
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  • Neurotoken cryptodivisas icos
    Neuromation is creating a distributed platform to service all aspects of future synthetic data ecosystem. The platform will allow users to create dataset generators, generate massive datasets, train deep learning models. Users will also be able to trade datasets and models in the platform marketplace.
    Maxim Prasolov - CEO
    Fedor Savchenko - CTO
    Sergey Nikolenko - Chief Research Officer
    Andrew Rabinovich - Adviser
    David Orban - Adviser
    Constantine Goltsev - Investor / Chairman
    Denis Popov - Denis Popov
    Yuri Kundin - ICO Compliance Adviser
    Esther Katz - VP Communication

    PKT - Playkey
    Start: 01/11/2017 00:00:00
    End: 30/11/2017 21:00:00
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  • Playkey cryptodivisas icos
    Playkey, a leading cloud gaming provider, is contemplating an ICO with the intent of exponentially accelerating the pace of cloud gaming development through decentralization. The aim is to provide gamers with a reasonably-priced opportunity to play top rated games anytime and anywhere, using any device connected to Internet, without having to purchase a high-end PC or console.
    Egor Gurjev - CEO
    Alexey Lykov - CTO
    Vadim Andreev - Game Strategy
    Roman Epishin - Marketing Director
    Maksim Kudymov - Product Manager
    Vladimir Shestakov - Dev. Team Leader

    STX - Stack
    Start: 01/11/2017 00:00:00
    End: 20/11/2017 00:00:00
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  • Stack cryptodivisas icos
    Blockstack is a new decentralized internet where you own your data and apps run locally. There are no middlemen, no passwords, no massive data silos to breach, and no services tracking us around the internet.
    Muneeb Ali
    Ryan Shea
    Jude Nelson
    Aaron Blankstein
    Larry Salibra
    Gina Abrams
    Guy Lepage
    Patrick Stanley
    Jack Zampolin

    Start: 07/11/2017 14:00:00
    End: 21/11/2017 14:00:00
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  • SENSE cryptodivisas icos
    Sense creates blockchain based smart contracts in chat and rewards humans for the contributions they make to one another conversationally, across Sensay and other messenger applications. Humans can monetize their proof of intelligence in the data used to train A.I. applications and agents. Sensay, the first application, creates a marketplace for peer to peer conversations.
    Crystal Rose - Co-founder, CEO
    Ariel Jalali - Co-founder, CSO

    CAT - BitClave
    Start: 08/11/2017 00:00:00
    End: 08/12/2017 00:00:00
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  • BitClave cryptodivisas icos
    Biclave eliminates the need of hiring “middlemen” services, usually very expensive, in order to reach a captive audience for their online promotions. Thanks to its approach, companies can get directly relevant data about consumer preferences of potential customers interested in their products which previously have opted for the service and thus prepare more personalized advertising campaigns.
    Alex Bessonov - CEO
    Patrick Tague - CTO
    Emmanuel Owusu - Chief Architect
    Vasily Trofimchuk - Project Management
    Yan Michalevsky - Security Architect
    Andrey Shashlov - Core Developer
    Eugene Kaganovich - Data Architect
    Mark Shwartzman - Data Scientist

    MNZ - Monaize
    Start: 10/11/2017 12:00:00
    End: 09/12/2017 12:00:00
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  • Monaize cryptodivisas icos
    Monaize is an online platform aimed at giving access to business bank accounts to freelancers and small businesses. Creating business accounts can be very confusing. Monaize, integrate its large decentralized services using its application, such as finance management solutions that will be integrated for your business, loans, insurance options and other excellent features that each company needs.
    Vincent Rajoo - CEO
    Florian Greiner - Back-end
    Guillaume Derivery - CTO
    Trécy Azérot - Design
    Manon Lavergne - Communication
    Robert Miller - UK
    Étienne Théodore - Android

    Start: 13/11/2017 00:00:00
    End: 31/12/2017 00:00:00
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  • STARS cryptodivisas icos
    Ratei.co is the first blockchain ICOs auction. Ratei.co aims to reach the conclusion of the ICO market to a new, higher-quality level. All data is recorded in the blockchain, thereby ensuring full transparency. Its token STARS, will be integrated with ratei.co, giving users the ability to participate in the ICO auction. Solidifying the demand for STARS tokens.
    Airat Zagidullin - Founder
    Andrey Lipchenko - Web-Developer
    Albert A. Falck - Risk Reward Limited
    Dilip Chandar - Network Architect
    Simon Cocking - ICO Advisor

    AIX - Aigang
    Start: 15/11/2017 00:00:00
    End: 15/12/2017 00:00:00
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  • Aigang cryptodivisas icos
    Aigang is a project dedicated to assuring the batteries of devices such as smartphones, mobiles, tablets, internet of things (IoT), etc... This project is based on blockchain technology for the contracting of digital insurance through DAO and smart Contracts.
    Reda Markeviciute - Insurance product & policy
    Aidas Ignatavicius - Chief Actuary
    Lukas Kairys - Smart contract developer
    Augustas Staras - Business development

    CLR - ClearCoin
    Start: 18/11/2017 00:00:00
    End: 31/03/2018 00:00:00
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  • ClearCoin cryptodivisas icos
    ClearCoin is a technology company that powers the real-time buying and selling of media on decentralized applications and the broader digital environment. Their technology is designed to empower the spread of ideas. ClearCoin’s global solutions help everybody succeed in the advertising ecosystem.
    Jay Singh - Founder & CEO
    Elliot Soren - CTO
    Tammy Leigh Kahn - COO
    Yura Monchak - Chief Architect
    Matthew May - Chief Financial Officer
    Richard Gora - Legal Counsel
    Simon Lim - Community Manager

    FND - FundRequest
    Start: 20/11/2017 09:00:00
    End: 01/12/2017 22:59:00
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  • FundRequest cryptodivisas icos
    Fundrequest is an integrated platform to boost the development of new applications by encouraging developers with rewards through their token based on the Ethereum network. They work on opensource projects so that developers from all over the world can participate in them either by developing code or by correcting errors and bugs.
    Karel Striegel - Founder
    Tim Dierckxsens - Strategy Advisor
    Gerbert Vandenberghe - Analyst
    Davy Van Roy - Core Developer
    Steve Maris - Core Developer
    Quinten De Swaef - Core Developer

    SUN - SolarBankers
    Start: 22/11/2017 00:00:00
    End: 31/12/2017 00:00:00
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  • SolarBankers cryptodivisas icos
    SolarBankers aims to become the first decentralized network of sunlight based on blockchain technology. The idea is to create communities of neighbors producing solar energy which will exchange their surplus with each other neightbor according their needs. The currency that will be used for such exchange will be the SunCoin.
    Alfred Jost - Founder & CEO
    Dr. Carlo Maragliano - CTO
    Dana Duncan - COO
    Frank Barthen - Marketing Director
    Jane Zhang - Blockchain Advisor
    Yamila Omar - Chief Analyst
    Brandon Joseph Smietana - Chief Cryptographer

    RAC - Roboadvisor
    Start: 24/11/2017 00:00:00
    End: 24/12/2017 00:00:00
  • Days
  • Hours
  • Mins
  • Secs
  • Roboadvisor cryptodivisas icos
    Most of the time, customers do not get the advice they need but rather the advice their advisor thinks they need. This conflicted situation arises so often that a user can never really know which human generated advise they can trust. Now, imagine a world in which all advices was neutral, honest and never manipulated by human biases and beliefs. That’s the new world of opportunities which the Robo Advisor Coin project represent.
    Edoardo Narduzzi - CEO, Founder
    Alessandro Lentini - CTO, Co-founder
    Marco Querini - IT Manager
    Federico Narduzzi - CFO
    Andrea Bianchini - Web Developer
    Stefano Mazzarini - Software Engineer
    Alessio Ciancio - Digital Art Director
    Giuseppe Marazia - CMO

    HQX - HOQU
    Start: 27/11/2017 00:00:00
    End: 26/02/2018 00:00:00
  • Days
  • Hours
  • Mins
  • Secs
  • HOQU cryptodivisas icos
    HOQU is the decentralized marketing platform that allows merchants and affiliates to interact directly without brokers and ensures fair CPA deals based on a smart contract.
    Alexey Shmonov - CEO
    Maxim Anikeev - CMO and Co-founder
    Alexander Duzhnikov - COO and Co-founder

    FUND - FundCru
    Start: 05/12/2017 13:00:00
    End: 18/01/2018 23:59:00
  • Days
  • Hours
  • Mins
  • Secs
  • FundCru cryptodivisas icos
    Founded in 2015, FundCru is a blockchain-powered fundraising platform that funds causes through e-commerce transactions and direct donations. FundCru distinguishes itself from other fundraising platforms by supporting both cryptocurrency and fiat money on all transactions, providing fundraisers with a large percentage (typically 25%) of gross sales from eCommerce transactions, and forgoing platform fees for donations.
    Duc Pham - CEO
    Patricia Wilson - CMO
    Thanh Ngo - Blockchain
    Duy Nguyen - Security
    Ton Ngo - Artificial Intelligence
    Dianbo Liu - Mathematic
    Robert Ramirez - Computer Sciencist
    Kevin Marume - Programmer
    Anika Benons - Computer Sciencist

    BERRY - Rentberry
    Start: 05/12/2017 15:00:00
    End: 28/02/2018 13:00:00
  • Days
  • Hours
  • Mins
  • Secs
  • Rentberry cryptodivisas icos
    Rentberry streamlines the entire long-term rental process using blockchain and smart contracts technology and eliminates the need for a middleman making it possible for tenants and landlords to complete all rental tasks in one place.
    Alex Lubinsky - CEO
    Lily Ostapchuk - CPO
    Aleksey Perfilov - CTO
    Serge Gritsenko - Chief Operating Officer
    Denis Golubovsky - Blockchain Developer
    Eugene Terentev - Blockchain Developer
    David Sviatozhevsky - Backend Developer
    Eugene Kurasov - Backend Developer
    Alex Svityashchuk Backend Developer

    Start: 10/12/2017 00:00:00
    End: 10/02/2018 00:00:00
  • Days
  • Hours
  • Mins
  • Secs
  • COPYTRACK cryptodivisas icos
    Located in the heart of Berlin, COPYTRACK is currently a fast-growing business. Over the course of the last few years, it has become a leading platform and service provider for image search and copyright enforcement worldwide.
    Marcus Schmitt - CEO
    Stefan Bär - CTO
    Sandro Mäder - HOO
    Marie Slowiocze - HOLS
    J. Krapp - Head of Software Development
    G. Peter - Senior Software Development
    D. Skodawessely - Head of QA
    F. Stachowiak - Business Intelligence

    LKK2Y - Lykke
    Start: 12/12/2017 00:00:00
    End: 30/11/-0001 00:00:00
  • Days
  • Hours
  • Mins
  • Secs
  • Lykke cryptodivisas icos

    RVN - Ravencoin
    Start: 03/01/2018 00:00:00
  • Days
  • Hours
  • Mins
  • Secs
  • Ravencoin cryptodivisas icos
    Ravencoin is a new open-source project intended to see if a use case specific blockchain designed to be focused on the transfer of assets can develop technology which provides security or functional advantages for certain projects. Specifically working on things like RSK, which will allow solidity to work on this chain, will be huge for Ravencoin in the future.

    TEAM - Tokenstars
    Start: 10/01/2018 20:00:00
    End: 28/03/2018 20:00:00
  • Days
  • Hours
  • Mins
  • Secs
  • Tokenstars cryptodivisas icos
    TokenStars is a blockchain celebrity management platform that provides advanced tools and incentives for deeper interaction between stars, fans and advertisers. Having successfully started selling the ACE tennis token, TokenStars has enhanced its team with experts and top-notch stars to launch the TEAM token
    Pavel Stukolov - CEO
    Evgeniy Potapov - CTO
    Michael Zak - COO & Head of Celebrities ICO
    Madina Hooke - Head of Sponsorships
    Timur Gavrilov - Head of Product
    Irina Shashkina - Marketing Director
    Lothar Matthäus - Ambassador, Football legend
    Tommy Haas - Ambassador, Tennis legend
    Nikita Kucherov - Ambassador, Hockey star

    GENE - Parkgene
    Start: 15/01/2018 10:00:00
    End: 19/03/2018 10:00:00
  • Days
  • Hours
  • Mins
  • Secs
  • Parkgene cryptodivisas icos
    PARKGENE is a way to find parking, connect drivers, individuals and businesses. Their vision is to disrupt the traditional parking industry, and to provide drivers with a better parking experience, helping cities become smarter and environmentally friendly. GENE token is their currency for the automotive industry, allowing drivers to pay for parking and integrating it with mobility services, vehicles, and automotive infrastructure.
    Louis Hatzis - CEO
    Yannis Ramfos - COO
    John Zarifis - CTO
    Nikolas Skarlatos - CFO
    Tasos Flambouras - CDM

    Start: 15/01/2018 17:00:00
    End: 14/02/2018 17:00:00
  • Days
  • Hours
  • Mins
  • Secs
  • SPARK cryptodivisas icos
    SPARC is creating the protocol for sending and reciving JSON and Javascript based computational packages on a distributed network using web technology. SPARK includes some interesting features such as SPARC Math, an advanced mathematical libraries made available to javascript, SPARK Physics, an engine for physics based video games and stress simulations from the browser and SPARK Shaders, for calculation and rendering.
    Douglas Stewart - CEO
    Greg Agnew - CTO, Lead Developer
    Daniel Desjardins - Business Development
    Eddie Roosenmaallen - Systems Architect
    KC ERB - Computational Mathematics Developer
    Anne Vivian-Scott - Commercial Advisor
    Mack Van Rossem - Research Advisor

    ALFA - Alfatoken
    Start: 22/01/2018 10:00:00
    End: 22/04/2018 10:00:00
  • Days
  • Hours
  • Mins
  • Secs
  • Alfatoken cryptodivisas icos
    AlfaToken is a service to create tokens and smart contracts for every kind of business relations, including Initial Coin Offerings. It supports the following blockchains: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, NEM, Ethereum Classic, Waves, and BitShares. Issuing of coins and creation of a smart contract for ICO on the platform will cost only 1,9% from collected investments.
    Denis Farnosov - CEO
    Andrew Ivashin - Business Development Director
    Rafael Melik-Ovsepyan - CTO
    Alex Kraiko - CMO
    Dmitry Ivanov - Blockchain Developer
    Albert Ibragimov - Blockchain Developer
    Mike Sazonov - Blockchain Developer

    SHOP - Shopcorn
    Start: 01/02/2018 00:00:00
    End: 15/03/2018 00:00:00
  • Days
  • Hours
  • Mins
  • Secs
  • Shopcorn cryptodivisas icos
    Keenly aware of this, our team has developed a blockchain based platform in which consumption makes a profit to make a balance between production and consumption by changing the values of consumption into the factors of production. It is the spirit of Shopcorn which aims to make the world where consumption becomes profit.
    Matsuyama Taizo - CEO
    Jang Duk-wha - Marketing in China
    Shatin Park - Financial Accounting
    Wang Hyo-min - Marketing in China
    David Choi - IT Strategy Planning
    Hwa Woo - Marketing in China
    Lee Ju-eun - Korean Partner Company
    Min Suh-jun - Marketing Expert
    Kim Do-hyung - E-Business Expert

    PMTN - Peer Mountain
    Start: 06/03/2018 00:00:00
    End: 31/12/2018 00:00:00
  • Days
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  • Secs
  • Peer Mountain cryptodivisas icos
    Peer Mountain goes beyond providing users with ownership and control over their cryptographically secure identities. It is an end-to-end application ecosystem that facilitates secure commerce and exchange of digital and physical services.
    Jed Grant - CEO & Lead Architect
    Markus Forster - Data Scientist
    Joel Wealer - Lead Project Manager
    Federico Cardoso - Blockchain Architect
    Ignacio Althabe - Blockchain Developer
    Gabriel Pineda - Backend Developer
    Luis Giunta - Software Engineer
    Florian Lagouche - Blockchain Engineer

    TKLN - Taklimakan Coin
    Start: 09/04/2018 10:00:00
    End: 31/08/2018 10:00:00
  • Days
  • Hours
  • Mins
  • Secs
  • Taklimakan Coin cryptodivisas icos
    Taklimakan Network is a Blockchain-based investment and educational business platform for cryptocurrency investors, traders and analysts. Platform offers trading signals, strategies and recommendations from professionals sent exclusively to platform users. Moreover, analytics on ICO projects and coins would be offered within a platform. Investment portfolios formed by experienced managers would be also offered to the clients.
    Rashid Yussup - CEO & Co-founder
    Rustam Kairy - COO & Co-founder
    Yong Ming Hong - CFO & Co-founder
    Berik Yernazar - Business Analyst
    Gregory Zaitsev - Blockchain Architecture
    Constantine Pozdnikin - Blockchain Dev.
    Bojan Trivic - Chief Analyst
    Sinichkin Alexander - Product Manager
    Evgeny Shevtsov - UI/UX Designer

    BIT - BitRewards
    Start: 12/04/2018 00:00:00
    End: 09/05/2018 00:00:00
  • Days
  • Hours
  • Mins
  • Secs
  • BitRewards cryptodivisas icos
    BitRewards is a blockchain rewards and loyalty system for e-commerce businesses. It enables online stores to reward their shoppers with a cryptocurrency "BIT", which helps to increase sales by an average of 17%. Because of the blockchain and their business model, this cutting-edge loyalty system is offered to the businesses free of charge.
    Alexander Egorov - CEO
    Alexander Nevidimov - CTO
    Andrey Kladov - Mobile Architecture
    Vitlay Makarenko - COO
    Marat Arslanov - CMO
    Sergey Alisov - Head of Dessign
    Ilya Starovoitov - Business Development
    Slava Zytsar - Frontend Engineer
    Dimitri Semenov - QA Engineer

    CVT - ConcertVR
    Start: 15/04/2018 11:00:00
    End: 31/12/2018 11:00:00
  • Days
  • Hours
  • Mins
  • Secs
  • ConcertVR cryptodivisas icos
    ConcertVR will be the first blockchain based marketplace for high-quality VR content from the music and entertainment sector. Enjoy real concerts in Virtual Reality - in realtime or on demand - right from the comfort of your own home! Besides all well established payment methods, they accept a multitude of crypto currencies.
    Sebastian Deyle - Founder / CEO
    Andreas Knuffmann - Co-Founder / CCO
    Frank Zahn - Development
    Jan Mewes - Artist Acquisition
    Raimund Saier - Financial Advisor
    Winheller Law firm - Legal / Tax
    Robert Clemens - Development MVP
    Maik Fahldieck - Crypto-Advisor
    Jonas Lempa - Crypto-Advisor

    RGS - RusGas
    Start: 17/04/2018 00:00:00
    End: 11/06/2018 00:00:00
  • Days
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  • Secs
  • RusGas cryptodivisas icos
    RusGas is a project aimed at funding and subsequent implementation of researches in natural gas production, processing, storage, and transportation. It is a project designed to transform the gas industry, to bring technologies up to a new level, to improve the environmental situation in the production regions and to enable everyone to gain income from production of resources without borders and politics.
    Vladimir Kadushev
    Mikhail Starobinets
    Mao Xin
    Nadezha Robertovna Kravchenko
    Andrey Podderegin
    Olga Strietska-llina

    ABYSS - The Abyss
    Start: 18/04/2018 00:00:00
    End: 16/05/2018 00:00:00
  • Days
  • Hours
  • Mins
  • Secs
  • The Abyss cryptodivisas icos
    The Abyss is a next generation digital distribution platform, delivering all types of video games (Free2play MMOs and cryptogames being a key priority), including AAA-titles, where gamers and developers can profit from multilevel referral program and other activities.
    Konstantin Boyko-Romanovsky - Founder
    Vladimir Kurochkin - President
    Artem Veremeenko - Executive producer
    Vladimir Martynov - CTO
    Evgeny Petrov - CMO
    Virginia Lam - Marketing Lead
    Albert Tugushev - Head of Development
    Alexey Kobelev - Tech Lead
    Anton Chertikovtzev - Maintenance Director

    WNK - Woonkly
    Start: 01/05/2018 00:00:00
    End: 31/12/2018 00:00:00
  • Days
  • Hours
  • Mins
  • Secs
  • Woonkly cryptodivisas icos
    Woonkly is the first platform that pays people to watch and share digital content (video, image and text) from different platforms. Content creators and advertisers around the world have a tool to reach target audiences at a cost several times lower. Users have a tool that allows them to earn cryptocurrencies by watching public content of their interest.
    Mr. Santos - President & CEO
    Matei Antohi - Co-Founder
    Sara Santos - Chief Marketing Officer
    Carlos Pavia - Web Development Manager
    Jonathan Álvarez - Chief Financial Officer
    Shuberth Chi - Chief Technology Officer
    Gustavo Rueda - Web Developer
    Yhair Perez - Blockchain Developer
    Enrique Perez - Blockchain Developer

    TELA - Telluria
    Start: 07/05/2018 08:00:00
    End: 02/07/2018 08:00:00
  • Days
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  • Mins
  • Secs
  • Telluria cryptodivisas icos
    Telluria presents itself as a highly advanced technological exchange system, where high speeds and reliable trading is ensured by technological solutions based in intellectual balancing algorithms and load destribution. User and asset data is secured through the use of inbuilt defense algorithms and multifactor authentications. Aside from this, Telluria provides for rapid fund deposits and withdrawals, and low trade commissions.
    Hans-Peter Hülsebusch - Director, Co-Founder
    Vladislav Chetyrkin - Director, Co-Founder
    Alexander Utschitel - AML / KYC, Co-Founder
    Christian Otto Ries - Economic adviser, Co-founder

    TOPIA - TopiaCoin
    Start: 15/05/2018 00:00:00
    End: 05/06/2018 00:00:00
  • Days
  • Hours
  • Mins
  • Secs
  • TopiaCoin cryptodivisas icos
    TopiaCoin was developed to ensure that people, businesses and other organizations have the right to own and control their data. The creation of an ecosystem around these technologies is the natural evolution of Topia Technology, whose Secrata work spaces have allowed for secure collaboration and the exchange of files and messages.
    Janine Terrano - CEO
    Jeff Cesari - EVP of Corporate Development
    John Haager - Chief Blockchain Architect
    Dan Joslin - Director & Security Strategist
    Cody Sandwith - Blockchain Engineer
    Jeff Pack - Director of Engineering
    Sean Gray - Security Engineer
    Cuneyt Baris - Community Manager

    FLIX - CryptoFlix
    Start: 15/05/2018 00:00:00
    End: 15/06/2018 00:00:00
  • Days
  • Hours
  • Mins
  • Secs
  • CryptoFlix cryptodivisas icos
    CryptoFlix is a media company in Blockchain that exploits this great void in the paid content market, which can only be achieved by bypassing normal payment options and using digital currency. They are also the first company to offer free online content for educational purposes through movies and television to all.
    Christian Falkenberg Husum - CEO
    Stefan Steen Larsen - COO
    Bastian Noreen Larsen - Developer
    Gabriela Y. Rios - Marketing
    George Thomas - Blockchain Developer
    Jonathan Brathwaite - Legal Advisor
    Peter Rommel - Producer
    Edward Arentz - Film Distributor
    Mike Boutwell - IT Architect

    UBEX - Ubex
    Start: 21/05/2018 14:00:00
    End: 30/09/2018 14:00:00
  • Days
  • Hours
  • Mins
  • Secs
  • Ubex cryptodivisas icos
    Ubex is a global decentralized advertising exchange, operating fully on the basis of neural networks with the use of blockchain and smart contracts. Ubex allows passage from the traditional pay per click scheme to the model of payment for targeted actions, the most fair and interesting model for advertisers.
    Artem Chestnov - CEO and Co-founder
    Daniel Biesuz - Legal and Co-founder
    Guy Weissman – CTO
    Andrew Rippon – COO
    Kathrin Anthony - Global Sales
    Cooz Komei Tokita - Community Relations
    Alberto Maiorana - Strategic Partnerships
    Iyke Aru - Community director Africa
    Alex Korobkov - IR director

    GREEN - Greeneum
    Start: 30/05/2018 00:00:00
    End: 29/06/2018 00:00:00
  • Days
  • Hours
  • Mins
  • Secs
  • Greeneum cryptodivisas icos
    Greeneum Network is a global community that connects all entities in the energy supply chain to participate in this new and revolutionary platform based on smart contracts and artificial intelligence. They are creating a decentralized and sustainable energy market that allows smart monetization of real-time energy transactions
    Assaf Ben-Or - CEO and Co-Founder
    Yau Ben-Or - Co-Founder
    Bradley Hook - COO
    Elya Katsir Dolev - CTO
    Rodrigo Rapoport - Director of LATAM
    Edward Gorbis - Director of USA
    Guillermo Wajner - Business Development
    Dmitry Tatievskyi - Software Development
    Nadya Suleymanova - Software Developer

    CODX - Codex
    Start: 01/06/2018 00:00:00
    End: 24/07/2018 00:00:00
  • Days
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  • Mins
  • Secs
  • Codex cryptodivisas icos
    Codex is the leading decentralized asset registry for the $2 trillion arts & collectibles (“A&C”) ecosystem, which includes art, fine wine, collectible cars, antiques, decorative arts, coins, watches, jewelry, and more. Powered by the CodexCoin native token, the Codex Protocol is open source, allowing third-party players in the A&C ecosystem to build applications and utilize the registry.
    Mark Lurie - CEO
    Jess Houlgrave - COO
    John Forrest - CTO
    Adrienne Burke-Moran - Content & Community
    Andreas Becker - Business Development
    Sebastian Tory-Pratt - Design Lead
    Colin Wood - Senior Software Engineer
    Corinne Moshy - Events Manager
    Shawn Price - Senior Product Engineer

    TU - Tutellus
    Start: 12/06/2018 00:00:00
    End: 30/09/2018 00:00:00
  • Days
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  • Secs
  • Tutellus cryptodivisas icos
    Building upon its large student base (over 1 million students) and teaching material (over 130,000 video courses), Tutellus will become the first decentralized EdTech platform, answering the challenges faced by the education sector by using blockchain technology. Blockchain will allow for the creation of digital assets (or tokens) that will be at the core of the new system of incentives for the Tutellus community.
    Miguel Caballero - CEO
    Javier Ortiz - CTO
    Carlos López - Engineering Lead
    Javier Calvo - Data Scientist
    Karolina Szymanczak - Dessigner
    Jaime Zapata - Operations
    Nacho Hontoria - Marketing Manager
    Covadonga Fernández - Media Relations
    Alex Ginés - PR & CM

    ANY - Anything App
    Start: 30/06/2018 00:00:00
    End: 30/07/2018 00:00:00
  • Days
  • Hours
  • Mins
  • Secs
  • Anything App cryptodivisas icos
    Anything App is a platform that allows people to earn money by helping others over the phone. Everyone can say what they know and set their availability calendar and price per minute. Buyers have access to the search engine that connects them effectively to the right person currently online via video call, normal call and chat.
    Lodewijk Veldhuijzen - CEO & Co-Founder
    Josh Winter - CTO & Co-Founder
    Zakaria Gaizi - CMO
    Yoni Schrris - Product Research
    Steve Becerra - Frontend Engineer
    Ibtehal Ibrahim - Backend Developer
    Alex Kodate - Data Scientist

    Start: 01/07/2018 00:00:00
    End: 15/10/2018 00:00:00
  • Days
  • Hours
  • Mins
  • Secs
  • URUN cryptodivisas icos
    U Run It is a 100% game platform managed by its community. The players control the house, host all the games and receive most of the benefits. U Runt It plans to break the established traditions, giving control of the casino to the players themselves. The URUN tokens issued during the ICO are the only tokens that will be issued. 0.5% of each transaction is "burned" so that there are fewer and fewer tokens.
    Roman Grushkovsky - Co-founder, CEO
    Leonid Rubin - Co-founder, COO
    Max Vaschuk - Co-founder, CMO
    Pankaj Gupta - ICO Adviser
    Timo Trippler - Investment Adviser
    Jason Coles - Community Adviser
    Dmitry Pshenin - ICO Adviser
    Aleksey Batishev - Gambling Adviser
    Maksim Mishchenko - Marketing Adviser

    KON - Konios Project
    Start: 01/07/2018 00:00:00
    End: 30/09/2018 00:00:00
  • Days
  • Hours
  • Mins
  • Secs
  • Konios Project cryptodivisas icos
    Konios Platform is a secure exchange platform that integrates FIAT currency and cryptocurrency powered by blockchain technology. The Konios platform provides a space to exchange cryptocurrencies and FIAT money both digitally and locally so that anyone with or without knowledge of blockchain can access this kind of assets easily and safely.
    Patrik Krasnic - Founder & CEO
    Mikel Krasniqi - Founder & CTO
    Patrick Dobler de Souza - CMO
    Vera Neidl - CFO
    Cihan Demir - Developer
    Uwe Harro Hieninger - Logic/Audit
    David tackett - Developer
    Mike Russel - Developer
    Waldemar Nickel - Network specialist

    BEC - BitEsprit
    Start: 01/07/2018 00:00:00
    End: 01/08/2018 00:00:00
  • Days
  • Hours
  • Mins
  • Secs
  • BitEsprit cryptodivisas icos
    BitEsprit is an all-in-one cryptocurrency trading solution with built-in copy trading functionality, facilitating both Bitcoin and altcoin trading against fiat currencies. Their vision is to eliminate the barriers of entry into altcoin trading. To turn this vision into reality, they devise a copy trading platform to make sure that all cryptocurrency upstarts begin their journey into trading with equal opportunities.
    Barnabas Baranyi - Co-founder & Strategy
    Zsolt Volner - Co-founder & Chief Product
    Patrik Burda - Mobile Developer
    Richard Bohm - Python/C# Developer
    Tamas Scherer - Project Manager
    Zoltan Zsebok - Python/Java Developer
    Henno Fourie - Target Marketing
    Jack Sinclair - Marketing Strategy

    BOTC - BotChain
    Start: 17/07/2018 00:00:00
    End: 17/08/2018 00:00:00
  • Days
  • Hours
  • Mins
  • Secs
  • BotChain cryptodivisas icos
    BotChain is a platform to enable trust and audit of autonomous software by offering standardized registry, identity validation and an immutable event ledger for AI products, including bots and RPA tools. BotChain is in development on a private chain and will launch shortly, utilizing the public Ethereum blockchain.
    Rob May - CEO
    Byron Galbraith - Chief Data Scientist
    Catharina Lavers Mallet - COO
    Jon Klein - Chief Architect
    Will Murphy - VP of Blockchain
    Anthony Habayeb - Head of Partnerships
    Henry Wagner - Blockchain Engineer
    Broke Torres - Director of Marketing

    Start: 20/07/2018 00:00:00
    End: 18/10/2018 00:00:00
  • Days
  • Hours
  • Mins
  • Secs
  • MIB COIN cryptodivisas icos
    MIB - Mobile Integrated Blockchain - is based on SmartPhone devices. Anyone can download the MIB application and start mining and exchange their mined MIB currency. The platform allows several payments and transactions in the mobile environment. It does not require CPU, GPU or ASIC or any other expensive mining equipment. The system provides a high efficiency blockchain network at low cost.
    Jaden Park - Co-CEO, Co-Founder
    Tracy JI - Co-CEO, Co-Founder
    SangShin Park - COO, Co-Founder
    Michael Kim - CTO, Co-Founder
    David Han - Co-Founder
    HyunSook Park - Co-Founder, PR
    Kyungsook Ahn - Developer, Co-Founder

    TCHN - Tachain
    Start: 23/07/2018 00:00:00
    End: 31/12/2018 00:00:00
  • Days
  • Hours
  • Mins
  • Secs
  • Tachain cryptodivisas icos
    Tachain is a completely new blockchain based ecosystem. It provides comprehensive ad targeting system for advertisers while maintaining full security and effectiveness of a full scale transportation app. With our functionalities in play, we are in a position to steer toward our mission of providing a valid and secure blockchain based service full of fun and joy to our users.
    Demetrius Vollas - CEO | CMO
    Eric Van Loon - COO
    Gundar Leigh - CBDO
    Claude Chi - Advisor
    Kyomin Kim Advisor
    Sarang Kim - Advisor
    Brian Condenanza - Advisor
    Giovanni Casagrande - Advisor

    CTA - Cryptassist
    Start: 31/07/2018 00:00:00
    End: 29/09/2018 00:00:00
  • Days
  • Hours
  • Mins
  • Secs
  • Cryptassist cryptodivisas icos
    The Cryptassist mission is to supply everyone with unfettered access to the world of crypto-assets through an array of essential tools with everything from trading and news alerts, to an OTC exchange and even a debit card. There exists no platform which covers the breadth and width of this many crypto-related features in one platform.
    Henri Oostebring - CEO
    Matthijs Giesen - CFO
    Imran Rahman - CTO
    Terry Fitzsimmons - Financial Analyst
    Niki Lin - Marketing Manager
    Samantha Haeberli - PR Manager
    Dinesh Pal - Core Developer

    Start: 05/08/2018 00:00:00
    End: 12/09/2018 00:00:00
  • Days
  • Hours
  • Mins
  • Secs
  • ROOMDAO cryptodivisas icos
    Roomdao is a platform for the small local tourist service providers. Local providers are more flexible and can offer lower rates and a wider range of service. However, those companies have a hard time competing with established brands and international franchises. RoomDao provide a solution to change this trend by giving small companies a powerful tool to promote and sell their services directly to the client.
    Andrei Dutov - Founder & CEO
    Alexey Etchein - CTO
    Alexander Matushevich - Co-Founder
    Mikhail Sulaberidze - Co-Founder
    Ishtvan Torpoi - Performance Consultant
    Maxim Khaleev - System Manager
    Oleksandr Samardak - Page Media Solutions
    Inna Petrenko - Business Development

    PATH - Path Network
    Start: 08/08/2018 00:00:00
    End: 31/08/2018 00:00:00
  • Days
  • Hours
  • Mins
  • Secs
  • Path Network cryptodivisas icos
    Path is revolutionizing the uptime and performance monitoring industry by using blockchain technology and smart contracts. Powerful analytic tools combined with user powered monitoring nodes give unprecedented global coverage and invaluable insight into website, application, and network uptime and performance.
    E.J Hilbert - CEO
    Marshal Webb - Co-Founder & CTO
    Bryant Townsend - Co-Founder
    Matthew Flannery - Director of Technology
    Jake McDonald - Director of Engineering
    Mark Paone - Lead Software Developer
    Travis Armstrong - Developer
    Austin Woods - Economic Analyst
    John Welander - UI/UX Lead

    OPP - Opporty
    Start: 11/08/2018 00:00:00
    End: 15/09/2018 00:00:00
  • Days
  • Hours
  • Mins
  • Secs
  • Opporty cryptodivisas icos
    Opporty is a decentralized service marketplace and self-regulated knowledge-sharing community platform. By offering smart contracts and a decentralized Escrow system, it puts client-contractor relations on the blockchain. The platform, with the help of its Expert community, ensures transparency and security, standardizes procedures, and creates an environment of cooperation that instills trust between parties.
    Sergey Grybniak - Founder
    Katerina Sukhenko - Product Manager
    Emil Dudnyk - Developer
    Vadym Huza - Developer
    Sergey Silin - DevOps Specialist
    Michael Khvostyak - QA Engineer
    Ivan Lihoy - QA Engineer
    Kristina Savchuk - SEO Specialist
    Nikita Lakisov - Developer

    QRP - Cryptics
    Start: 27/08/2018 00:00:00
    End: 24/09/2018 00:00:00
  • Days
  • Hours
  • Mins
  • Secs
  • Cryptics cryptodivisas icos
    Cryptics is dedicated to providing connections between investors, merchants and the academic community. The core of its forecasting engine is the Cryptics algorithm that focuses on predicting changes in the value of various cryptocurrencies, both with respect to fiduciary currencies and between them
    Stanislav Maer - Co-CEO
    Oleg Tereshenko - Co-CEO
    Maxim Maslennikov - CTO
    Ilya Tkachev - Head of R&D
    Alex Voronetsky - Financial Analyst
    Yaroslav Khomenko - Data Scientist
    Dmitry Shcherbakov - Data Scientist
    Andrew Konstantin - UX Expert

    SHPT - Shipit
    Start: 01/09/2018 00:00:00
    End: 30/09/2018 00:00:00
  • Days
  • Hours
  • Mins
  • Secs
  • Shipit cryptodivisas icos
    Shipit es una comunidad de compañeros de ruta y una aplicación móvil que reúne a viajeros y remitentes de envíos que vienen de paso. Al igual que para muchas personas se ha convertido en una costumbre utilizar los servicios de Uber y Blablacar, Shipit planea convertirse en la más cómoda solución al realizar envíos de paquetes.
    Iskander Karimov - CEO/Co-founder
    Nikolay Grishakov - COO/Co-founder
    Azat Shaidullin -Strategy/Co-founder
    Artur Iskhakov - Head of HR/Co-founder
    Marat Akhunzyanov - CTO
    Alexander Sazonov - Backend Developer
    Federico De Faveri - Blockchain Development

    KOIN - Bithemoth
    Start: 30/09/2018 00:00:00
    End: 01/11/2018 00:00:00
  • Days
  • Hours
  • Mins
  • Secs
  • Bithemoth cryptodivisas icos
    Bithemoth is a cryptocurrency exchange platform that is set to revolutionize the industry. In a bid to operate as a link between traditional finance and the digital asset economy, Bithemoth platform has come up with a simple and conventionally adoptive system. Bithemoth's ecosystem consist of an exchange, a trading platform, and an ICO Incubator.
    Adam-Barek - CEO & Co-Founder
    Luqmaan-Moolla - COO & Co-Founder
    Dr. Mohamed Cisco - CFO & Co-Founder
    Siddiq-Moolla - CIO & Co-Founder
    Dr.-Kevin-Lai - Business Administration
    Brian-Jung - Community Director
    Micholas Samoondar - Marketing Partnerships
    Hemant-Sud - Marketing Specialist

    DNET - DeNet
    Start: 01/10/2018 00:00:00
    End: 30/11/2018 00:00:00
  • Days
  • Hours
  • Mins
  • Secs
  • DeNet cryptodivisas icos
    DeNet is an international provider company that is developing a decentralized hosting service and a platform for data storage, based on blockchain technology. DeNet aims to provide and lease IT capabilities to host, store and process data worldwide "on demand" in a safe, cheap and high quality way.
    Rafik Singatullin - Co-Founder & CEO
    Olga Belonozhko - Co-Founder & COO
    Pavel Litvyakov - Co-Founder & CBDO
    Amir Malikov - Business Development Asia
    Maria Titova - CFO
    Denis Shelestov - CO-founder/CTO
    Iskander Nizamov - Project manager

    OBT - ONe Network
    Start: 27/11/2018 00:00:00
    End: 22/01/2019 00:00:00
  • Days
  • Hours
  • Mins
  • Secs
  • ONe Network cryptodivisas icos
    ONe is a next generation social network that uses the latest technologies to provide a wide range of services that are digitally secure and private for our users. Combining the latest in Blockchain and Dapp technologies with built in privacy and security features. ONe gives customers the ability to control their data and privacy on a level never before seen.
    John Hoelzer - Founder & CEO
    Akio Yamadera - Software Engineer
    Eito Suzuki - Frontend Developer
    Alexay Drogin - Mobile Developer
    Nikita Alexandar - Frontend Developer
    Alex Ds Karera - Designer
    Nikita Nosenko - Designer
    David Drake - Advisor
    Stuart Oden - Advisor

    STQ - Storiqa
    Start: 28/11/2018 00:00:00
    End: 29/01/2019 00:00:00
  • Days
  • Hours
  • Mins
  • Secs
  • Storiqa cryptodivisas icos
    Storiqa is a marketplace with a wide range of functions for effective sales in the world of a new digital economy. The use of blockchain technologies destroys the boundaries between sellers and buyers, allowing the creation of a unique open trading platform with infinite growth potential.
    Ruslan Tugushev - Founder
    Evgeny Gavrilin - Co-founder
    Andrian Galkin - CEO
    Evgeniy Popov - COO
    Ivan Golenko - CMO
    Aleksey Karasev - CTO
    Jonny Zhang - Business developer
    Adeniyi Adebayo - Business developer
    Prabhsimran Singh - Business developer

    BRIK - BrikBit
    Start: 29/11/2018 00:00:00
    End: 31/01/2019 00:00:00
  • Days
  • Hours
  • Mins
  • Secs
  • BrikBit cryptodivisas icos
    BrikBit is the first blockchain ecosystem based on Lisk Real Estate, which allows to develop Dapps with its dedicated side-chains encoded in JavaScript. The BrikBit platform will have a proof of stake consensus protocol (DPoS), which will be the mutual basis of all the applications and instruments needed to manage the exchange of values within each real estate project.
    Alex Dell’Orto - Founder
    Paolo Lettieri - CEO
    Stefano Prosdocimo - CISO
    Giovanni Spica - Marketing Manager
    Vania Von Gemusegarten - Community M.
    Federico Riva - Head of Development
    Claudio Villani - Video & Social Media
    Raffaele dell'Orto - Internal Legal
    Andrea Concari - Developer

    Start: 30/11/2018 00:00:00
    End: 28/02/2019 00:00:00
  • Days
  • Hours
  • Mins
  • Secs
  • GGCOIN cryptodivisas icos
    GG World Lottery aims at becoming the first global government-regulated lottery built on blockchain transparency. Signed government licenses in 17 countries to organize national online lottery. True Random Number Generator system based on quantum physics and connected to blockchain to provide draws fairness and transparency.
    Mark Hutchinson - CEO
    Wojciech Lysak - Founder
    Tomasz Klapsia - CTO

    CFS - CoinFast
    Start: 01/12/2018 00:00:00
    End: 31/12/2018 00:00:00
  • Days
  • Hours
  • Mins
  • Secs
  • CoinFast cryptodivisas icos
    CoinFast wants to create the easiest way for people to participate in ICOs safely. The ICOs payment gateway is a decentralized payment solution that helps ICOs accept payments in more than 80 cryptocurrencies and fiat money (USD, EUR)
    Onur Kahraman - CEO
    Okan Tubek - Cofounder & CTO
    Ahmet Dogdu - Business Development
    Kerem Arafa - ERP Business Analyst
    Cagri Bikmaz - Creative Director
    Gulay Unal - Full Stack Web Developer
    Huseyin Enes Yagmur - Web Content Editor
    Elif Veyses - Data Scientist
    Buket Gunes - UI/UX Designer

    XCT - xCrypt
    Start: 01/01/2019 00:00:00
    End: 24/06/2019 00:00:00
  • Days
  • Hours
  • Mins
  • Secs
  • xCrypt cryptodivisas icos
    xCrypt is the first innovative cryptographic ecosystem with its heart in the exchange: hybrid, compatible with the values and attentive to the future of the erc721, designed to be simple, comfortable and innovative. After carefully developing its concept, xCrypt decided that its priorities are to list security tokens, have an adequate and strategic market for the erc721 and carry out innovative dynamics with the ICOs.
    Loren M. Andronie - Founder & CEO
    Ionut G. Parfene - Co-Founder & CTO
    Mauro Andriotto - CO-Founder & CFO
    Alecos Colombo - Project Manager
    Cristian Barbu - COO & Senior Dev
    Andrei Stefan - R&D Officer
    Cristian A. Ciuca - Blockchain Dev
    Smeu Claudiu - Marketing & IT
    Velicu George - Co-Founder & CIO

    MPAY - Menapay
    Start: 15/01/2019 00:00:00
    End: 15/03/2019 00:00:00
  • Days
  • Hours
  • Mins
  • Secs
  • Menapay cryptodivisas icos
    MenaPay replaces traditional payment methods with a blockchain-based, fully backed cryptocurrency to provide a secure and transparent payment gateway enabling transactions for every aspect of daily life. They are creating a new standard in the crypto industry for the level of participatory returns, beyond the regular incentives for users and investors.
    Baris Özistek - CEO at Netmarble EMEA
    Lawrence Du Pre - Managing Director DDB
    Burak Balik - Large exits in MENA
    Bora Çetinoglu - Chairman SEE
    Zeynep Aga Tevetoglu - Lawyer at Elit Law
    Kazim Akalin - Fintech & Gaming exits
    Füsun Nebil - Founder of SANE
    Aykut Sanver - Managing Partner
    Burak Günsev - Managing Partner

    LVN - LivenPay
    Start: 15/01/2019 00:00:00
    End: 28/02/2019 00:00:00
  • Days
  • Hours
  • Mins
  • Secs
  • LivenPay cryptodivisas icos
    Liven is a mobile payment gateway based on incentives and an ecosystem designed for the lifestyle and restaurant industries. Countless people use Liven to find a large number of restaurants, process millions in instant mobile payments, and acquire LVN, the digital currency for food. LVN can be reserved, spent at any Liven store or delivered to a philanthropic association natively on the Liven platform.
    William Wong - Co-founder/CEO
    Grace Wong - Co-founder/CMO
    David Ballerini - Co-founder/CSO
    Cheng Chi - Co-founder/CTO
    Shahrooz Chowdhury - CPO
    Tom Nash - Lead Blockchain Developer
    Alexander Ramsay - Blockchain Architect
    Lon Wong - Advisor
    John-Paul Thorbjornsen - Advisor

    JOY - Joycoin
    Start: 20/01/2019 00:00:00
    End: 01/05/2019 00:00:00
  • Days
  • Hours
  • Mins
  • Secs
  • Joycoin cryptodivisas icos
    The Joy is a marketplace for the consumers and providers of wellness and beauty treatments. One can book the arrival of the practitioner to any place as well as make an appointment in a beauty salon or spa. Advertisers can place targeted offline and online advertisements, and companies can arrange promotional campaigns and get big data statistics within the platform.
    BOGDAN NEKHODA — Co-founder, CFO
    EMIL KHAFIZOV — Co-founder, CCO
    JULIA USHAKOVA — System Analyst
    DMITRIY BIBLEV — Designer

    SHER - Shercoin
    Start: 01/02/2019 00:00:00
    End: 02/05/2019 00:00:00
  • Days
  • Hours
  • Mins
  • Secs
  • Shercoin cryptodivisas icos
    The SherCoin ecosystem has a theme: User provide valuable economic services for businesses such: as checking market place for counterfeits, reporting fake or suspicious products; filling out surveys and giving information,feedback, and data, so business can make informed decisions; giving the users an easy way to manage the cryptos they earned; and then giving them outlets to spend/exchange their tokens.
    Rehan Hassan - CEO and Co-Founder
    Khurram Abdulla - COO and Co-Founder
    Jahanzaib Riaz - VP Finance and Strategy
    Lmehdi Ouabi - Blockchain App Developer
    Saahir Hassan - Team Lead
    Ghulam Rasool - Senior UX & UI Designer
    Sarah Hosten - Digital and Social Media
    Evita Castro - Finance
    Naviin Kapoor - Project Management

    FLC - Fieldcoin
    Start: 04/02/2019 00:00:00
    End: 12/02/2019 00:00:00
  • Days
  • Hours
  • Mins
  • Secs
  • Fieldcoin cryptodivisas icos
    Fieldcoin Ltd will create the 1st global decentralized land property management marketplace that enables the coordination of a country's blockchain-based registry system in order to facilitate transactions between individuals. Fieldcoin Ltd will integrate land ownership into its eco-system and monetize land property on the blockchain using ERC721 tokens.
    Marc Couzic - Founder & CEO
    Alexandre Palubniak - Web PM
    Rayane Hocine - Marketing Expert
    Jani Viellard - Acquisition Manager
    Jeremie Joncas - COO
    Damien de Riberolles - Land Manager
    Lee Raj - Solidity Developer
    Subramanian Venkatesan - Blockchain

    LITION - Lition
    Start: 01/03/2019 00:00:00
    End: 31/03/2019 00:00:00
  • Days
  • Hours
  • Mins
  • Secs
  • Lition cryptodivisas icos
    Lition is developing the only scalable public-private blockchain with deletable data features, made for commercial products. Designed with Lition's live P2P trading use case, and co-innovated with SAP. To create the standard blockchain for business, Lition is co-innovating with SAP, the world's largest maker of business software.
    Richard Lohwasser - Co-Founder & CEO
    Kyung-Hun Ha - Co-Founder & COO
    Manfred Gabriel - Board Member
    Jan Wiedenhaupt - Legal/Finance
    Reinhard Lohwasser - Technology
    Stephan Vogel - Business Development
    Stephan Bialek - Finance & Operations
    Benni Wörpel - Blockchain Marketing
    Chris Kilchling - Brand & Design

    Start: 22/03/2019 00:00:00
    End: 09/05/2019 00:00:00
  • Days
  • Hours
  • Mins
  • Secs
  • CoVEX cryptodivisas icos
    Six Core Platforms For FinTech. A platform for traders to exchange cryptocurrencies, use social trading tools, access credit options, accept payments and use prepaid card services. Exchange cryptocurrencies, use social trading tools, access credit options, accept payments and use prepaid card services with one single application.
    Janak Mohan Subedi - Founder & CEO
    Labu Ghimire - Co-Founder & COO
    Junaid Nawaz - CTO & Blockchain Developer
    Zohaib Qadir - CTO
    Jyoti Adhikari - Full Stack Developer
    Naveed Shahid - Blockchain Analyst
    Gull Chaudhary - Project Manager
    Luiz G. Bongiolo - Product Development

    ASTC - Airsave Travel
    Start: 01/05/2019 00:00:00
    End: 31/07/2019 00:00:00
  • Days
  • Hours
  • Mins
  • Secs
  • Airsave Travel cryptodivisas icos
    AirsaveTravel Coin uses Bitcoin and a partnership with Smart Trip Platform to combine the power of blockchain with the social networks. Use AirsaveTravel Coin (ASTC) to save and earn money toward your travel goals. Airsave Travel is currently a centralised app available on the App Store with its decentralised application (DApp). Airsave Travel rewards all users within its ecosystem who want to save and earn money for their travels.
    Sarah Dales - Founder, CEO
    Faisal Ahmed - Front-end Graphic Designer
    Vivek Verma - Lead developer
    Nikola Petrovic - Marketing and Comms.
    Krishnendu Chatterjee Ph.D. - Ph.D
    Shikha Dadhwal - Social Media Manager
    Carlos Graterol - Designer
    Souvik Tripathy - Blockchain Specialist
    Hamza Khan - Adviser

    Start: 11/05/2019 00:00:00
    End: 15/06/2019 00:00:00
  • Days
  • Hours
  • Mins
  • Secs
  • PDATA cryptodivisas icos
    Opiria is a decentralized marketplace that helps companies collecting and analyzing consumer data, enabling them to make better business decisions. Consumers are in full control of their data and get paid with PDATA tokens for sharing their data. PDA Token is the currency that expresses the value of personal data and enables its trading by using smart contracts on the blockchain.
    Dr. Christian Lange - Founder & CEO
    Marlene Gagesch - Co-Founder & CTO
    Razvan Tautu - CMO
    Mihai Dumitrescu - CTO Opiria
    Toma Corbu - Software Architecture
    Marius Balaban - Frontend Development
    Daniel Turcan - App Development
    Gabriel Tisca - App Development
    Vlad Blana - Algorithm Development

    Start: 12/05/2019 00:00:00
    End: 14/05/2019 00:00:00
  • Days
  • Hours
  • Mins
  • Secs
  • ECOMI cryptodivisas icos
    ECOMI is a digital, economic and security ecosystem that uses blockchain technology in three main areas: protection of private keys, payments of cryptocurrencies in the real world and the new and exciting world of digital collectibles. ECOMI is bringing 4 products to market: Safe wallet, ECOMI ecosystem MVP, ECOMI One and ECOMI Vault.
    David Yu - CEO
    Daniel Crothers - COO
    Joseph Janik - CIO
    Mikel Duffy - CTO
    Lucas Young - Full Stack Developer
    Rhys Skellern - Communications Manager
    Steven Connery - Solution Architect
    Douglas Hand - Art Director
    Sean Liang - Sales Manager

    GEC - Geco.one
    Start: 01/07/2019 00:00:00
    End: 14/07/2019 00:00:00
  • Days
  • Hours
  • Mins
  • Secs
  • Geco.one cryptodivisas icos
    Geco.one is a platform that enables to safely invest in the cryptocurrency market using skills and knowledge of experienced traders. Their flagship service, called PAMM account, allows to invest in cryptocurrency pairs by entrusting resources to experienced traders as well as providing with all the tools necessary to become a crypto-trader.
    Marcin Witus - CEO
    Rafal Kolakowski - Supervisory Board
    Lukasz Medrzak - Sales Director
    Marcin Sobczyk - Finance Director
    Tomasz Bialik - IT Director
    Wojciech Lubianka - Director of Development
    Jay Stankiewicz - Operations Manager

    EMJ - Emjac
    Start: 01/08/2019 00:00:00
    End: 31/10/2019 00:00:00
  • Days
  • Hours
  • Mins
  • Secs
  • Emjac cryptodivisas icos
    Every year, 2 Billion waste tyres are being generated worldwide. Less than 30% is being recycled and the balance is usually sent to landfills or illegally dumped. Poor management of waste tyres poses a serious threat to our environment. EMJAC has created a solution which integrates both blockchain and green technology to manage and recycle the waste tyres efficiently and provides global marketing platform for renewable energy products.
    M.K Kwan - Founder & CEO
    Chu Wong - Co-Founder
    Wan Afif - Advisor
    William Koo - Marketing Advisor
    Eugene Tan - Procurement Manager
    Adnan Ahmed Siddiqui - CTO & Advisor

    VIAZ - Viaz
    Start: 07/08/2019 00:00:00
    End: 02/09/2019 00:00:00
  • Days
  • Hours
  • Mins
  • Secs
  • Viaz cryptodivisas icos
    VIAZ is a decentralized application (“DAPP”) bridging the gap between lenders and borrowers of fiat and digital currencies. VIAZ will employ VIAZ Smart Contracts for transactions initiated on the VIAZ Platform. Just as similarities and differences exist between digital and fiat currency, a closer examination of VIAZ compared to the traditional banking system reveals both converging and diverging characteristics.
    Peter Meronek - CEO
    Nauman Iqbal - CMO
    Tejinder Sandhu - COO
    Stephen Andrews - CTO
    Anis Ahmed - Developer
    Asad Naveed - Designer
    Aizaz Zaheer - Developer
    William Lyman - Developer

    DRMR - Dreamr
    Start: 08/08/2019 00:00:00
    End: 09/09/2019 00:00:00
  • Days
  • Hours
  • Mins
  • Secs
  • Dreamr cryptodivisas icos
    Dreamr is developing a mobile application for the purpose of empowering users to achieve their dreams and aspirations. The dreamr app combines unique dream-oriented social networking features with blockchain powered finanfinancial tools; such as the ability to crowdfund, and monetize skills or hire talent in a P2P service marketplace.
    Christopher Adams - CEO
    Ashish Bagrecha - CTO & CMO
    Adam Amar - VP Original Content
    Angie Kelly - VP Operations & Culture
    James Wilson - VP Information Security

    CUR8 - Curate
    Start: 09/08/2019 00:00:00
    End: 23/08/2019 00:00:00
  • Days
  • Hours
  • Mins
  • Secs
  • Curate cryptodivisas icos
    CURATE is a blockchain-based fashion platform centered round fashion discovery between individuals and firms alike. It can be likened to a social media network focused on fashion lovers and enthusiasts, but in this case also utilizes the decentralised blockchain network as a payment infrastrucure means of providing royalties and rewarding content creators.
    James Hakim - Founder & CEO
    Amrit Mirchandani - Partner
    Amal Prasad - Partner
    Jonathan Davies - Partner
    Bojan Lacic - Partner
    Alexey Ivanov - Head of Design
    Aleksandar Vujic - Community manager
    Andrei Calina - Media content manager
    Dimitrij Cevizovic - Social And Digital Manager

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