What is a Cryptocurrency Airdrop?

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In the cryptocurrency sector, new elements and new definitions appear that sometimes are a little complex to understand for the less knowledgeable. An example of this are cryptocurrency Airdrops.

Many cryptocurrency enthusiasts and investors patiently await these events for the possibility of earning extra money. That’s why, if you want to participate in the upcoming ones, you should know what they are, how they work and what you should do to benefit from them. In this article we will go over all that and more.

What Is A Cryptocurrency Airdrop?

What Is A Cryptocurrency Airdrop

A cryptocurrency airdrop is an event in which the development teams of a project give away or deposit their tokens in the wallet of users. These events can occur for a variety of reasons, such as promoting the circulation of a new token or cryptocurrency, rewarding users for their loyalty or participation in the community, or attracting new users and investors.

To be more precise, an airdrop is a marketing strategy that seeks to position a new project or token in the crypto market. This has become an extremely common practice for startups, as they tend to have a great impact within the community, attracting thousands of users and potential investors.

But why are cryptocurrency airdrops so popular? Well, users who benefit from these distributions receive tokens completely free of charge, which can have an important sale value. If you want to know how you can benefit from one of these events, we recommend you continue reading this article, in which we will see the types of airdrops that exist and, in addition, how to become eligible for one of them and their general requirements.

How to Benefit from an Airdrop?

As we have said, the Airdrops are distributed to people who meet certain requirements, so to benefit from them and get the tokens that are distributed for free, you just have to perform a series of actions or meet certain conditions.

Most of the time, the Airdrops are destined to the holders of a specific token at a specific time. This distribution is usually made equally according to the number of tokens held at the time of delivery.

So, you should pay attention to the official channels of the projects that are about to launch an airdrop. There, you can find out all the details and the pre-established requirements for users. While the eligibility conditions vary depending on the project, later in this article we will see some requirements that may be presented.

How to Benefit from an Airdrop?

Types Of Cryptocurrency Airdrops

While all airdrops have similar mechanisms and functionalities, not all of them are the same and not all of them have the same conditions. There are several types of cryptocurrency airdrops:

  • Standard airdrop: In this type of airdrop, participants only need to provide their wallet address and some basic data to receive the free tokens. The amount of tokens distributed can be fixed or proportional to the number of participants. These airdrops usually have a limited duration and a limited amount of tokens available.
  • Retention airdrop: In this, participants must hold a certain amount of existing tokens in their wallets to qualify for free tokens. The amount of tokens received may depend on the amount and duration of holding existing tokens. These airdrops are typically used to reward loyal customers or incentivize retention behavior.
  • Reward airdrop: Participants must perform certain tasks or actions to receive free tokens. Tasks may include following accounts on social networks, sharing posts, writing reviews, inviting friends, among others. These airdrops are often used to generate interest and participation in the project.
  • Exclusive Airdrop: In this type of airdrop, participants must be selected or invited by the project team or partners to receive the free tokens. Selection criteria can be based on reputation, influence, experience, contribution, among others. These airdrops are often used to attract strategic partners or influencers for the project.

What Are The Eligibility Conditions For An Airdrop?

As we have mentioned, each project defines the conditions and requirements that an applicant must meet to be eligible for an airdrop. However, here are some that are usually given in the vast majority of them and that you may find useful as a reference for future airdrops.

Cryptocurrency airdrops usually have a variety of conditions and eligibility requirements that participants must meet in order to receive the new free coins or tokens. Some of the common requirements include:

  • Owning a certain amount of a specific cryptocurrency: some airdrops require participants to own a minimum amount of a specific cryptocurrency in their wallets to be eligible. This may be a way to reward existing cryptocurrency users or encourage the purchase of a particular coin.
  • Registration and verification: many airdrops require participants to register on a platform or complete a verification process. This may include identity verification or confirmation of ownership of a wallet.
    Social media engagement: Some airdrops require participants to follow the company on social networks such as Twitter, Facebook or Telegram, and to share or retweet specific posts.
  • Performance of specific tasks: Participants may be required to perform certain tasks, such as completing surveys, participating in product testing, writing blog posts, creating multimedia content, etc.
  • Maintaining a minimum participation for a specific period of time: Some airdrops require participants to maintain a minimum amount of the cryptocurrency in their wallets for a specific period of time in order to receive the new coins or tokens.
  • Deadline compliance: Airdrops typically have specific deadlines for participation. Participants must register and meet all requirements by the deadline to be eligible.
  • Geographic Restrictions: Some airdrops may be limited to participants from certain countries or regions due to legal or regulatory considerations.

What Are The Eligibility Conditions For An Airdrop

Things To Consider In A Cryptocurrency Airdrop

One thing to keep in mind is that not all wallets and exchanges support airdrops.

If you store the cryptocurrency to be distributed in a wallet or exchange that does not support Airdrops, the tokens will not be delivered to you.

Therefore, it is wise to investigate whether the place where we store these cryptocurrencies will give us those tokens for free.

How To Know When An Airdrop Will Happen?

To find out about these events, it is necessary to be informed. That’s why in Crypto Economy we try to keep our readers informed about the most important ones, and we have a specific dedicated section with all the airdrop information you need to know.

Another way to know when they are going to happen, is to follow the social networks, forums and blogs of your favorite projects, because if any of them makes a token distribution they will announce it.

Finally, there are sites dedicated exclusively to collecting data on future airdrops that you can check on a regular basis to keep abreast of upcoming events.

These sites offer information on how, when and where the Airdrops of the different platforms are going to happen.


Cryptocurrency airdrops are very important events within the crypto ecosystem, both for users, who can earn money, and for projects, which have the opportunity to make themselves known massively. This is the reason why more and more people are interested in them and want to participate.

While being a beneficiary of a free token distribution is not difficult at all, it is necessary to be prepared and meet the eligibility criteria set by each project. Get to know the latest news about airdrops and you won’t miss any of the ones to come!


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