LayerZero Labs Cracks Down on Sybil Farmers Before Airdrop: Offers Bounty for Identifying Fake Users

layerzero sybil farming
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  • LayerZero Labs is taking measures to prevent the participation of “sybil farmers” in its upcoming airdrop, who distort token allocation.
  • The protocol offers rewards for bounty hunters who identify users involved in sybil activities, with a 10% token allocation as a prize.
  • Sybil farmers are encouraged to self-report before a specific deadline to receive 15% of their intended token allocation, otherwise facing exclusion from the airdrop and potential additional consequences.

LayerZero Labs, renowned for its cross-chain interoperability protocol, is taking decisive steps to ensure fairness in its upcoming airdrop. Recently, the development team announced that it will conduct an internal investigation aimed at identifying and excluding “sybil farmers” from their event.

The term “sybil farming” refers to the practice of creating multiple wallets controlled by a single user to artificially increase activity on a network or protocol in order to maximize token allocation in an airdrop. It is a highly detrimental practice to the community and can distort the fair distribution of tokens.

According to the protocol’s announcement, the internal investigation aims to identify sybil farmers and exclude them from receiving token allocations in the upcoming airdrop and those to come. Additionally, the team behind the project has launched a bounty program for bounty hunters who identify users engaging in sybil activities. Bounty hunters will receive 10% of the token allocation intended for identified sybil farmers.

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LayerZero Wants Sybil Farmers to Self-Incriminate

Another interesting mechanism proposed by LayerZero is the principle of self-disclosure. They offer sybil farmers the opportunity to self-report until a specific deadline. Those who decide to come forward will receive 15% of their intended token allocation. However, those who do not voluntarily come forward before the deadline will face exclusion from the airdrop and may encounter more severe consequences. Additionally, a clear process for self-reporting has been established, including connecting a wallet associated with the activity and signing a message to prove ownership of the address.

The LayerZero Labs team has defined a series of activities they consider as sybil farming, including participation in so-called “industrial farming” using multiple wallets, creating valueless NFTs for the sole purpose of transferring them between chains, and repeatedly transferring small amounts of assets.

Ultimately, LayerZero aims to ensure a fair and equitable distribution of tokens among the most loyal users, who truly contribute to the success and adoption of the protocol. These measures demonstrate the team’s commitment to transparency and integrity in their token distribution process.


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