TON Network Surpasses $200 Million TVL, Setting New Records

TON Network Surpasses $200 Million TVL, Setting New Records
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  • TON Network Hits $200 Million TVL: The TON network achieved a significant milestone by surpassing a Total Value Locked (TVL) of $200 million. This growth is driven by the recent launch of the Open League within the TON ecosystem.
  • Open League and DeFi Protocols: The TON Network’s valuation increase can be attributed to hosting DeFi protocols, including the notable Open League. Participants compete for a share of the 30,000,000 Toncoin prize pool through various competitions.
  • Telegram’s Influence and USDT Integration: The TON Network’s close association with Telegram and the integration of USDT have contributed to its success. Achieving milestones like free USDT transactions underscores its potential in the DeFi landscape.

The TON network, known for its ambitious goals and innovative approach, has achieved a remarkable milestone in the DeFi space. On Monday, the network’s Total Value Locked (TVL) soared past the crucial $200 million mark, primarily driven by the recent launch of the Open League.

The swift expansion and increasing valuation of the TON Network can be significantly credited to the DeFi protocols it hosts, including the notable Open League. This uptick in valuation may likely stem from the escalating enthusiasm and positive outlook surrounding Toncoin, as well as the comprehensive DeFi ecosystem of the TON Network.

The Open League, a DeFi protocol within the TON ecosystem, has played a pivotal role in this rapid expansion. Designed as a long-term incentive program, the Open League aims to distribute 30,000,000 Toncoin over just three months. Participants, including users, projects, teams, and traders, compete for a share of this prize pool by engaging in various competitions.

Telegram’s Influence on TON

TON Network Surpasses $200 Million TVL, Setting New Records

The surge in growth can be attributed to growing interest and bullish sentiments toward Toncoin and the broader TON Network’s DeFi ecosystem. Additionally, the TON Network’s close association with Telegram, a reputable company with over 900 million native users, has significantly contributed to its industry acceptance and overall success.

The TON Network further solidified its position by introducing USDT, the largest stablecoin in the market, to its ecosystem. During the launch, key figures including Telegram CEO Pavel Durov, Tether CEO Paolo Ardoino, and Andrew Rogozov of the TON Foundation jointly announced the integration of USDT on TON. This move not only expanded the network’s utility but also attracted attention during the TOKEN2049 event.

As a result of this exposure, the TON Network has achieved remarkable milestones, including free USDT transactions within its ecosystem. While celebrating the $200 million TVL, it’s clear that the TON team remains committed to pushing for even more transactions and growth.

The TON Network’s recent achievements underscore its potential as a major player in the DeFi landscape. With a strong team and strategic partnerships, the network continues to set new records and capture the imagination of crypto enthusiasts worldwide.


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