Astar Network’s Stablecoin Lifeline: Grant Aims to Empower Emerging Tokens on zkEVM

Astar Network's Stablecoin Lifeline: Grant Aims to Empower Emerging Tokens on zkEVM
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  • Astar Network launches TGE Catalyst Grant on stablecoins to boost the launch of tokens on Astar zkEVM.
  • Strategic collaborations with important centralized exchanges (CEXs) such as HTX,, Bitget, MEXC and Poloniex.
  • The grant offers a listing acceleration package, marketing support in CEXs, advice on market strategies and access to the SAMURAI Council.

Astar Network has taken a significant step to support projects looking to launch tokens on its Astar zkEVM platform with the launch of the TGE Catalyst Grant in stablecoins.

This program’s main objective is to enhance the token pregeneration (TGE) process for new initiatives in the Ethereum Layer-2 ecosystem, thus establishing new standards for token launches.

One of the notable features of the TGE Catalyst Grant is its support by major centralized exchanges (CEXs) such as HTX,, Bitget, MEXC and Poloniex.

This strategic collaboration guarantees immediate market traction for emerging projects, facilitating their reach to a broader audience and increasing their visibility in the competitive world of cryptocurrencies.

The listing acceleration package included in the grant offers a series of services designed to streamline the token listing process on major CEXs.

This not only reduces the financial burden for projects in terms of listing fees, but also gives them the opportunity to stand out in a highly competitive market from the start.

In addition to support in the listing process, the TGE Catalyst Grant provides crucial advice on market strategies, communication with market makers and sourcing strategies.

This ensures a stable market presence from day one, which is critical for investor confidence and the long-term stability of the token.

Astar Network: Grant Seeks to Boost Emerging Tokens on zkEVM

Access to the SAMURAI Council is another notable benefit for Astar grant recipients

The SAMURAI Council, as a marketing body, establishes an influence network that acts as a bridge between projects and influential figures in the field (KOLs), as well as with the Degens community.

This network facilitates the implementation of strategies to attract and consolidate the community, in addition to organizing direct participation events that encourage interaction and development within the Astar environment.

Astar Network’s TGE Catalyst Grant not only simplifies the token launch process, but also sets a standard of excellence in terms of support, visibility and sustainability for projects within the Ethereum Layer-2 ecosystem and beyond.


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