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CopyrightBank: registration and verification of copyright powered by NEM

CopyrightBank is a project proposed by the NEM community whose purpose is to register and verify the copyright of various categories of digital creations, being entirely powered by NEM with a solid business model aimed at consumers, companies and governments.

This will be a case study that can be used to further market the superior characteristics of NEM blockchain. The successful implementation and adoption of CopyrightBank will show how fast applications can be built in the NEM block chain.

In the interface, this platform will accept XEM, the NEM Token – as well as fiat currency. In the backend, each transaction will use XEM. Therefore, this platform will not only contribute to a greater demand for XEM, but also increase transactions in the NEM block chain, thereby contributing to the value of the NEM community.

The success of this project will contribute to the ROI of each NEM supporter due to the greater visibility of the NEM block chain as a blockchain of intelligent assets.

By their very nature, the copyrights of digital works are the easiest to infringe. In general, obtaining legal protection for these jobs is often expensive and time-consuming.

In most countries, copyright claims depend on proof of authorship and ownership. The majority of current blockchain-based copyright solutions offer basic time-stamping services, in addition to the focus of current offers on artistic works such as photographs, images and works of art. Therefore a robust solution is needed for all categories of digital creations.

The creators of copyright considered by CopyrightBank are:

  • Software developers
  • Authors
  • Artists
  • Photographers
  • Entertainment and music industry
  • Education and training industry
  • Advertising and public relations industry
  • Architects
  • Interior designers
  • Industrial designers
  • Businessmen
  • Scientists, researchers and inventors
  • R & D Departments
  • Professionals

CopyrightBank has the vision of being the repository of copyright for all digital works. It is built on the NEM blockchain using the Apostille function.

The first version of CopyrightBank has been created and can be accessed in the current beta phase https://beta.CopyrightBank.com . CopyrightBank provides a platform for registration and verification of copyright.

Users can easily drag and drop their digital work on the dashboard. Once confirmed, the file will be marked with the time stamp in the NEM blockchain and the digital fingerprint file will be downloaded to the user’s browser. A registration certificate confirming the time stamp and the fingerprint of the file is issued.

This digital fingerprint file can be used to verify the authenticity of the record. Users can easily drag and drop this fingerprint file onto the board to verify it. Once the file is verified, a verification certificate is issued that confirms the authenticity of the file.

In the beta version these features have already been created and are fully functional. Community funding will now go towards completing the backend of payments and transactions. The initial launch of the platform will exclusively use XEM for the services in order to encourage greater demand for XEM.

Regarding the business model, CopyrightBank has 3 models to generate income, as well as to increase the use of XEM:

  1. B a C (Client)

CopyrightBank will initially be launched as a web-based platform that can be accessed from any browser worldwide. Users can easily create accounts to register, manage and verify that their copyright works. Rates will be charged according to each service used.

  1. B to B (Business)

CopyrightBank will work with content creators such as film studios, design houses and software developers to provide them with business accounts where copyright can be registered automatically and in bulk.

  1. B to G (Government)

CopyrightBank will work with governments that have national Intellectual Property offices that need a robust online copyright registration and deposit system. These governmental platforms can be implemented with a minimum of time and cost.

How to vote for the CopyrightBank proposal on the NEM platform:

  1. Download Desktop Nanowallet at https://nem.io/downloads
  2. Log in to Nanowallet
  3. Click Services -> Voting -> View Surveys -> “Community Fund Proposal: CopyrightBank”
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