Brave Browser Partners With Guardian to Provide New Features in its iOS Version

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Brave Browser announced a nee partnership focused on providing more features for iOS version. Guardian will work with the privacy-focused browser in the new partnership to provide firewall and VPN to iOS Brave users.

Guardian is best known for its Firewall + VPN application in Apple’s App Store, and the new collaboration with the famous blockchain-based browser can be a milestone for them toward attracting more users.

More Secure Web Browsing

Brave Software, the naker of Brave Browser has always focused on the privacy and security features of its product. It claims to offer the most private connections to the users by using blockchain fundamentals.


BAT tokens that act as the financial incentive and payment solution within Brave are among the most famous tokens. The team now focuses on offering the speed and privacy features to more regular users.

“With this partnership, the companies are integrating their technologies to enable the fastest, safest, most private Web browsing experience. Brave now offers Brave Firewall + VPN, available for download from the App Store. This partnership allows people to take back control of their own data, browse the Web, and use their apps more safely and securely,” according to the blog post by Brave Software.

The new Firewall + VPN solution from Brave and Guardian is a bit different from the conventional solutions. It claims to encrypt and protect all of the user’s activity on the internet, next to some regular features like IP masking.

The new application also blocks ads and trackings on the websites. Brave uses the Guardian’s servers to move the iPhone and iPad traffic through an encrypted VPN connection.

Guardian has a considerable history in providing VPN solutions. It shows a similar interest in user privacy like Brave Software, and the new partnership means they are joining forces to fight for the internet with less tracking.

“Brave’s concept of privacy-by-default is key to an open Web that works for everyone – users, advertisers, and publishers – and not just for a few mega-companies. By integrating Guardian’s technology with Brave’s browser, we offer a powerful solution for a much-improved Web experience that’s three to six times faster than conventional browsers, and much safer and more private,” said Will Strafach, Guardian’s CEO.

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