Brave and Binance Partner to Launch a Widget Which Lets You Trade Directly in the Browser

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There are virtually endless ways in which companies can make access to cryptocurrency easier especially for new users. Brave browser, a crypto-friendly privacy-focused company founded by an ex-Mozilla exec is doing exactly that intending to bring cryptocurrency closer to the average user.

The Brave Browser prides itself on serving its users with an ad-free experience whilst using the browser and now, it has partnered with leading cryptocurrency exchange Binance to make access to the Binance trading platform even easier.

According to a Tuesday announcement, Brave will integrate with Binance through a Brave plugin add-on which will allow Brave users to access their Binance accounts without leaving the Brave home page.

The Binance widget will offer access to the and Binance America ( platforms and users will be able to perform actions such as check balances, depositing crypto to their Binance accounts and trading between pairs all on the widget. For security reasons, balances on the Binance accounts will not be withdrawn through the widget.

“The new Binance widget in the new tab page of the Brave desktop browser makes Brave the only browser that offers integrated functionality for buying and trading cryptocurrency,” Brave noted in the announcement.

Basic Attention Token

Brave is an open-source browser developed atop the Chromium project similar to Google’s Chrome browser. In launching Brave, its founder Brendan Eich created a blockchain token dubbed Basic Attention Token (BAT) which is based on the popular Ethereum blockchain.

The browser itself is not based on a blockchain platform but it has integrated its native BAT token to reward users for interacting with ads from Brave advertisers. The BAT tokens can then be sold or donated by the user at their command.

“Cryptocurrency trading can be a daunting task for users not familiar with such assets, so integrating Binance into the Brave browser makes the process seamless and simple,” Eich said in a press statement on Tuesday. “By bringing a leading exchange like Binance directly into the browser, Brave is taking cryptocurrency trading mainstream and enabling users to conduct transactions with ease.”

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao expressed similar sentiments adding that Binance is “looking forward to our long-term partnership with Brave to make it even easier to interact with crypto and encourage more utility in the near future.”

According to the announcement, the new Binance widget will be available on the general version of the Brave browser starting April. An early version of the feature can, however, be accessed through the Brave Nightly desktop version.

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