The Best Ethereum Wallets

The Best Ethereum Wallets
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Diving into the Ethereum universe is exciting, but choosing the right wallet to store your ether is a key decision. With the variety of options available, from hardware wallets to software-based solutions, the choice can be overwhelming.

In this article, we’ll explore the best wallets designed to safeguard your Ether, highlighting their distinctive features and offering a comprehensive guide to help you make an informed decision about the security and accessibility of your Ethereum investment.

Best Ethereum Wallets


Ethereum metamask

MetaMask is an extension for Chrome, Moxilla and Brave that allows us to have an ether portfolio in our browser. It has its origin in decentralized applications and in a short time it has become one of the preferred options for users to store ether.

To get this wallet we only need to install the extension in our preferred browser and automatically create an encrypted wallet with a password. As with other purses, generate a seed key so that we can access our portfolio in case we need to uninstall and reinstall the extension.


Ethereum exodus

Exodus is one of the leading ether wallets. It was created by JP Richardson and Daniel Castagnoli in 2015 who designed a simple and elegant interface in sight. In it we can not only store ether, but also bitcoin, litecoin and other two cryptocurrencies with which we can also make trade from Shapeshift, a platform integrated in the same software.

Not everything is rosy with Exodus, it has received numerous criticisms for the fact that its development is not completely open source.

In addition, the keys are not hosted on servers so in case of loss it will be impossible to recover them, so if you are going to use this wallet, it is more than convenient to keep them physically to avoid problems.


Ethereum coinbase

Coinbase is a purse of various cryptocurrencies among which is the ether. In spite of that, its main intention is not to be a monedro in spite of working perfectly for it, but to facilitate the commerce with cryptocurrencies to function as an intermediary for the purchase of them and as a payment processor for ecommerce to accept payments in digital currencies.

Learning to use Coinbase can be a good plus to start trading because the platform offers many facilities for the exchange between centralized currencies and cryptocurrencies.

His criticisms so far have been good and he has won the trust of entities such as BBVA that has recently invested in it.


Ethereum jaxx

A platform that claims be the ultimate application for all platforms. Jaxx is available for all operating systems currently in existence and we can save and trade with up to 80 cryptocurrencies among which is Ether since 2016.

The simplicity of its interface and the ease of operating it are the premises with which Jaxx intends to dominate the market. In it we can easily monitor our accounts in different currencies.


Ether wallet

This is a virtual wallet with an interface on the web. It is very easy to use but you also have to be careful as there are several websites on the Internet with names similar to MyEtherWallet whose intention is to steal the data and then the ether.

Beyond that, in MyEtherWallet we can create a purse to send and receive or simply a purse to send ether only once. Its interface is easy to use and is developed especially for Ethereum, so that unlike the previous ones, we cannot do trading in it.


ETHAdress is a purse that allows us to store our ether in cold. That is, we can have a physical wallet without having to be connected to any server. Once we create our wallet we can print a card with the necessary data to receive and a QR code.

This is one of the safest options in the market as long as you have the physical purse in a safe place. Recommended for those users who want invest thousand dollars in ether, because the chances of hacking are almost zero.

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