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A ‘New’ Satoshi Nakamoto with Chinese Descent Immerges from the Ashes

Controversial Bitcoin developer and CTO for nChain Craig Wright was last week issued with Copyright registrations to Bitcoin’s Whitepaper as well as earlier versions of the Bitcoin code, a development that caused a storm across the cryptosphere.

This happened partly because no one was expecting such a massive ‘win’ for often-criticized and derided individual such as Wright to be awarded a copyright registration. However, most people did not understand the implications of the copyright issuance that led to the mix-up within the crypto community.

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Coingeek released a press statement congratulating Wright for the same and revealed Wright’s plans for the Bitcoin copyright which was to assign it to the Bitcoin Association, the institution behind Bitcoin SV cryptocurrency.

The news propelled the cryptocurrency’s price severalfold to new 2019 highs. That is the impact of putting a face on the pseudonymous creator of Bitcoin.

A statement released by the US Copyright Office soon after the issuance of the copyright registrations to Wright explained that the mere fact that someone has filed for a Copyright registration and has successfully proved the claims does not mean the government institution has endorsed their claims.

“As a general rule, when the Copyright Office receives an application for registration, the claimant certifies as to the truth of the statements made in the submitted materials,” the Copyright Office explained adding that “The Copyright Office does not investigate the truth of any statement made.”

A new development that is breaking on the news today may be proof that the crypto community may be wiser now as it has been less reactive to a new copyright registration that has been issued by the US Copyright Office for the same Bitcoin whitepaper.

Wei Liu, so far an unknown individual with Chinese citizenship but currently domiciled in California United States is also claiming to be the author of the highly respected whitepaper that ushered in the wave of digital money.

The new registration (#TX0008726120) was issued on May 24th while Wright’s two registrations were issued on April 11th. No one has been able to identify the Liu fellow who is evidently throwing his hat in the ring to contest for the Satoshi identity medal.

It is also not known why Liu decided to file for copyright at this moment after the highly controversial filing of the same by Wright. Most probably Liu is trying to challenge Wright in a legal battle, something we will have to wait and see how Wright and the general Bitcoin market reacts to the news.

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Alfonso M.E.
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