Zebpay Enters the Australian Crypto Market

Zebpay Enters the Australian Crypto Market
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Proper rules and regulations in Australia seem to have attracted Zebpay which sometime back exited the India market due to difficulty in doing business. However, with that exit Zebpay focused on expanding its global footprint and now Australia crypto traders can make their trading on Zebpay platform. The Australian office comes in after Zebpay set up its offices in Malta. Now its Melbourne office is up and running.

At the helm of the Melbourne office, Zebpay has put Sandeep Khurana who will be the director. Mr Khurana brings to the table 18 years of experience he has from the fintech sector having pioneered the establishment of various startups together with enterprises in the fintech industry through APCA incubator. Although the Sandeep Khurana second name is similar to that of Zebpay CEO Ajeet Khurana, they aren’t related at all.

Zebpay runs an instant crypto exchange trading platform which will be of handy to Australian crypto traders to execute their transactions promptly. Furthermore, Zebpay has both android/IOS apps available to ensure every trader can access the exchange with ease. Besides the app, there is also the downloadable desktop version of Zebpay exchange available for trading. At the moment, traders can execute trades in five trading pairs which cover the following coins Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Ether, and Bitcoin.

Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Ether, and Bitcoin

Apart from enjoying quick and efficient services, withdrawals and deposits are free of charge. Moreover, in the next few days, Australian traders will also be able to fund their Zebpay accounts with fiat through bank transfers or wallets. In addition to all the above, Zebpay will also unveil its Lighting Network in the Australian market to ensure the latter region can access its crypto payment services.

With Melbourne office up and running Zebpay now has a presence in 132 crypto economies across the globe and brings its customer base number to around 3 million. Furthermore, it now has a presence in 20 international markets. As governments are now putting in place clear and proper regulations, the latter is helping attract more crypto related entities into opening their doors in their respective countries. For Zebpay, Australian conducive regulations have led to it acquiring a license from AUSTRAC.


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