What is the most expensive NFT sold in blockchain games?

What is the most expensive NFT sold in blockchain games?

Blockchain games are critical to the growth and development of the NFT sector. Some of the most well-known NFTs are available for purchase in games.

There is a lot of money traveling through crypto, and a significant percentage of it is in the crypto gaming business. Nobody knows the precise statistics, but because blockchain transactions are transparent, there are some lists of the most costly crypto purchases ever done.

The most popular assets sold in gams as NFTs are lands and characters. Many investors have purchased properties in major games such as Sandbox, Decentraland, and Axie Infinity. Many additional high-priced NFTs are sold because of the tale behind them or the popularity of their game. A shortlist of some of the most costly NFTs sold in blockchain games can be found here.

$4.3 million for a plot of land in the sandbox

One corporation purchased a property in The Sandbox metaverse for a record $4.3 million, setting a new high for virtual land prices.

The land was purchased from Atari SA by Republic Realm, a company that invests in and develops virtual real estate and other digital assets. This is the largest metaverse property sale to date.

Over 19 worlds, Republic Realm controls around 2,500 parcels of digital land. The firm occasionally decides to sit on undeveloped metaverse land and wait for it to appreciate. Other times, it will employ a game developer to build virtual homes or malls after paying an architect to design them.

$2.43M Decentraland’s land

Tokens.com’s Metaverse Group bought a piece of digital real estate for 618,000 mana, or $2.43 million at the time. That land is located in Decentraland’s “fashion district.”

Land in Axie Infinity for $2.33 million

NFT collectors will enjoy Land in Axie Infinity as well. The Genesis land in the game’s heart is the most elusive. The cheapest land in the game world is obviously Savannah property on the outside of the game world. Although all land is the same size, the type of land appears to have an impact on the resources it produces for future land gaming. The following are some of the most expensive lands in this game:

  • Genesis land – 550 ETH / $2.33 million – 24 November 2021
  • 9 Genesis plots – 888.25 ETH / $1.5 million – 8 February 2021
  • 2x Genesis land – 569 Ethereum / $1.29 million – July 8, 2021

It’s not strange to see a monster from Axie Infinity on this list next to lands — it’s one of the most popular crypto games ever developed, and it’s also one of the top NFT games and best play-to-earn games. It had a notoriously high ‘entry fee,’ requiring hundreds of dollars to even be able to play. One of the most expensive NFTs in this game, The Mystic Axie, went for 300 ETH (about 1.1 million USD).


CryptoKitties, the first NFT game, made news for how much money people were prepared to bet on the colorful kitties. Dragon, a pale purple kitten, was the most expensive one ever auctioned, fetching 600 ETH. While that would now be almost 2.3 million USD, it was nevertheless an amazing 1.3 million price tag at the time, more than double what the second most expensive cat (Founder Cat #18) went for – still 253 ETH, or about half a million at the time.

Gods Unchained

Card games are a popular choice among NFT project teams because they are well-suited to the collecting nature of NFT games. Gods Unchained is undoubtedly one of the most popular among them. There is numerous card NFTs within the game, but just one stands out clearly – that would be Hyperion. Hyperion is a Genesis Titans in the game and is a rare, fully unique card (there is only one). It sold for 137 Eth, which was around $60k at the time of sale. It’d cost more than half a million dollars now.


NFTs and blockchain games are inextricably linked. Many people feel that games like Cryptokitties sparked the NFT business. It’s why we see a lot of high-priced NFTs being sold from games. The market is still growing, so collectors and investors who want to buy game NFTs have a lot of options.