Waves launchs its Ethereum gateway

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From Russia, the people of Waves bring us the launch of their new payment gateway with Ethereum. Having successfully launched bitcoin gateways, USD and EUR, Waves has implemented an Ethereum gateway within the lite client, opening up more possibilities for decentralized commerce. The gateway will allow users to store ETH and negotiate with other tokens in the DEX.

The Ethereum gateway will operate similarly to the existing bitcoin gateway: users will send ETH to the given address within the client and receive a Waves token in return. These tokens will be backed 1: 1 with Ether, and can be withdrawn and exchanged by ETH at any time.

Meanwhile, while staying within Waves’ blockchain ecosystem, Waves ETH tokens can be securely stored and transferred with the speed and low cost of the Waves network. In particular, it will be possible to exchange them with other Waves, including WBTC and WAVES. This means that users can exchange ETH peer-to-peer in DEX, against BTC, WAVES, USD and EUR, as well as any other token. Thanks to the centralized pairing of Waves commands, the DEX approximates the speed of a traditional exchange, but with blockchain settlement security.

Ethereum is the first block block platform after bitcoin itself, and it is important to be able to offer users the opportunity to trade ETH in a decentralized exchange. Waves will gradually add more digital coin walkways, thus seeking to expand its appeal and allowing not only the commerce, but also the Waves crowdsales service.


About Waves

Waves Platform ) is a decentralized platform to launch crowdfunding campaigns and issue digital assets. The Waves encryption platform is designed primarily to support the issuance, trading and exchange of assets / digital chips using blockchain technology. Waves Platform completed its initial supply of currencies in June 2016, obtaining more than $ 16 million (30,000 BTC).

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