Vechain associates with the Lingang International Manufacturing Exhibition Trading Center

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On May 25, the Blockchain & Industry Convergence Development Forum and the National Eastern Tech-Transfer Center Blockchain Research Lab were held in Shanghai, in which Vechain’s collaboration with Lingang International Manufacturing Exhibition Trading Center was announced.

And they announced it on their social networks:

“In collaboration with Lingang Group, VeChain signs a partnership with Lingang International Manufacturing Exhibition Trading Center at the 2018 Blockchain & Industry Convergence Development Forum.”

These events promote the progress of industrial applications based on Blockchain.

Kevin Feng, Vechain’s director of operations, with 12 years of experience in consulting and assurance services in cyber security, privacy and emerging technology, was invited to the event.

As announced in Medium, this partnership between Vechain and the Shanghai company will provide more scope to the VechainThor platform, as well as being able to benefit from the support of the East China Technology Transfer Center and the Shanghai Lingang government.

In addition, thanks to this union VeChainThor will be established both commercially and through events to carry out a knowledge transfer with the rest of organizations.

What is the Lingang Group?

lingang group vechain asociation

Headquartered in Shanghai (China) and founded in 2003, Lingang International Manufacturing Exhibition Trading Center is owned by Shanghai Lingang Economic Development Group Co., Ltd.

It is dedicated to the investment, development, operation and service of industrial parks and areas. In its workforce they have more than 400,000 employees, work with more than 8000 companies and a GDP of about 740 billion yuan.

They are currently in the process of creating 5 platforms that will be dedicated to research, development and technological innovation, with which they want to become an international intelligent manufacturing center.

What is the National Eastern Tech-Transfer Center Blockchain Research Lab?

national eastern tech transfer center

The NETC is a technology transfer platform, created by the Ministry of Science and Technology (“MOST”) and the Shanghai People’s Government.

This platform focuses on industrial modernization and emerging industries, trade, technology, finance and international cooperation services.


Vechain recently announced the update of its Whitepaper and RoadMap, announcing the short and medium term objectives of the platform.

Among them is offering a comprehensive governance structure, a robust economic model and advanced IoT integration, among others.

In the middle of this month of May the first ICO based on the Blockchain VechainThor was announced, the ICO named Plair.

The objective of VeChain’s Blockchain X is to connect with the real world and offer a structure of integral government, a robust economic model and an advanced IoT integration, that is why their cases work to be useful in the day to day of the people.


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