Vechain presents its Whitepaper update and its Development Plan

vechain updates whitepaper
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Vechain, the company that a few months ago presented its association with BMW and the University of Oxford, announced on May 20 on its official twitter account the launch of its new Whitepaper and development plan:

“Unveiling our “Development Plan and Whitepaper” with an updated governance structure, economic model, and new use cases. This piece will gradually be updated throughout its existence to reflect the goals and growth of the VeChainThor Blockchain.”


Vechain has updated the roadmap adding the new planned events until 2019.


  • Blockchain VeChainThor launch
  • VeChain wallet with VeThor forged function
  • Governance structure and economic model support
  • VechainThor Services: VeVID, VeVOT, VeSCC, VeSCL


  • VeChain Cross-chain
  • Side-chain technology
  • Distributed business ecosystem formed on the VechainThor Blockchain


  • Expansion of the VeChainThor ecosystem

primera ico vechain

Use cases

The objective of the Blockchain X of VeChain is to connect with the real world and offer a structure of integral government, a robust economic model and an advanced IoT integration, that is why their cases work to be useful in the people’s day to day.

Cold-chain logistics

  • Data management
  • Exchange in all processes
  • Transparency
  • Security


With Vechain you can register the vehicle data, for example:

  • Repair history
  • Insurance
  • Driver’s history …
  • It will provide complete, fast, accessible and transparent management.

Medicine and health

  • Track end-to-end processes and the use of medical devices.
  • Patients can share their biometric data with their doctors.
  • Medical devices are safer, better regulated, efficient and reliable.

Luxury and fashion

Integration of smartchips in luxury products with which they can:

  • Traders can monitor their sales channels in real time
  • Users can verify the authenticity of the products.
  • Offer transparency and security.

plair primera ico vechain

Vechain First ICO

On May 18, Vechain announced the launch of the first ICO based on the Blockchain VechainThor, the ICO called Plair, is a platform dedicated to the world of Gaming.

Plair works to be a platform which will not only be used to play, but you can also watch other people play and talk about games. Additionally it will have analytical tools.

Patrick Tang (CEO of the Plair Foundation) stated:

“VeChain brings to the table a powerful combination of professional advice, resources and community backing that is needed as a premium blockchain partner. We are excited to work together to pioneer a way to better serve gaming enthusiasts.”


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