VeChain announces blockchain agricultural traceability platform for China

VeChain announces blockchain agricultural traceability platform for China
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VeChain announced a partnership with the Chinese government to launch a government traceability platform for Inner Mongolia. The platform is going to help the Chinese government enrich its tracing system for national food and beverage industries. VeChain community can show its strength in providing real-world solutions to industries with this project.

Supply chain and tracing use cases have always been vital and practical for blockchain solutions. They can provide a reliable network of data transactions that tracks the origin and integrity of products. Many blockchains have partnered with various industry players to offer this kind of solution. Now, VeChain is working with Chinese authorities to help them launch a tracing system for their food products.

The Chinese government started enhancing the supervision, traceability, and safety of its national food and beverage industries in 2004 with new policies. Improving the policies and integrating new technologies have always been a focus area for the authorities in China. Now with the emergence of strong blockchains like VeChain, they can improve the plans faster.

The Inner Mongolian government started to research interoperable traceability systems for food products. It launched a program to receive proposals from various entities to build this system. VeChain was chosen in early 2021 to build the traceability platform. The first products to be traced in this system are rice, millet, sunflower, beef, and lamb of the Ongnuid Banner region. The Bureau of Market Supervision and the Bureau of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry will use this system to support local brands, cultivate rural brands, and promote the quality of these products that are traced carefully using the blockchain solution.

The new platform by VeChain can show its capabilities in providing real-world solutions. The announcement says:

“The success of the initial roll-out vindicates the cost efficacy and capability of VeChain’s solution, as well as its adequacy in meeting stringent government policies. Consequently, the platform will welcome additional companies and product lines in the coming years. In terms of network activity, the platform is expected to be consistently second only to Walmart’s traceability platform, with transactions generated at every step of the process.”

The new platform by VeChain can be useful for almost all of the stakeholders in the food and beverage industry. Government can trace the supply chain and have a comprehensive oversight on it, helping future decisions. Companies can update the data of their products and provide real-time details about them. End-users will rely on the published data to ensure the quality of what they eat and drink. It can be a milestone for VeChain to continue offering practical, real-world solutions to other governments.


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