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UNICEF France will accept donations in 9 different cryptocurrencies

The French National Committee for the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF France), announced its decision to start accepting donations in 9 different digital assets.

Virtual currencies and the blockchain technology have become a disruptive innovation that revolutionized the economic field worldwide, and a significant amount of enterprises and organizations have decided to include them as part of their business model.

In this opportunity, UNICEF France announced via its website that it will begin receiving donations in cryptocurrencies, and a link to the fundraising page is available in such news.

The initiative is part of a program that allows any people to donate via any of their 9 possibilities: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Monero, EOS o Stellar.

Sebastien Lyon, executive director of UNICEF France, stated that “Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology used for charitable purposes offer a new opportunity to appeal to the generosity of the public and continue to develop our operations with children in the countries of intervention.

UNICEF France initiated a project called Game Chaingers

Game Chaingers

In February this year, UNICEF France initiated a project called Game Chaingers, in which they offered videogame fans and other participants the possibility of collaborating with the financing of the charity work this institution provided to affected children from the Syrian war, throughout a mining software based on Ethereum, in order to mine in pro of the foundation.

This initiative was considered to be a total success, for they were able to collect 85 Ether by the end of Mach 31, 2018, so they decided to take the next step and approach the cryptocommunity with a new market of potential contributors to their cause.

All well-wishers who want to donate funds through the aforementioned methods can do so by transferring the funds with the cryptocoin of their like to its respective virtual wallet.

UNICEF Australia

Not only has the French branch of this UNO’s agency decided to adopt cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology to their business model. Australia has been another country going by the same.

In its case, the way of donating was based on the time people stood in a website – HomePage – which has a script that allowed the borrowing of computer power for mining Monero. All of those who wished to donate in favor of the Australian children only had to have said website open while surfing on the Internet.

In order to do so, UNICEF Australia established some parameters. One of these was obtaining due permission by the visitors before they could access the portal. Besides, they were given the chance to decide how much computing power they were willing to lend for the cryptocurrency mining activity.

At the same time, the organization stressed that this type of activity did not harm their computers in any way.

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