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The cryptocurrency exchange Bittrex announce new updates

Bittrex, a cryptocurrency exchange recently announced that they will launch new updates for their platform on Wednesday, Feb 27, those updates should enable faster transaction time, as well as making their platform more scalable, but the company team also announced that their platform will be unavailable during the process.

Today, Feb 26, the Bittrex announced that his trading platform would be subject to some update, accordingly to the team those new upgrades aim to satisfy the increasing demand of his established and new customers for better features and services from their platform.

This announcement also comes with a bunch of side effects as their services would be partially disabled during the processing updates, indeed, the team announced that their clients will be able to access their account online to check their balance via Bittrex.com and international.Bittrex.com, but wallets functionality will be disabled as clients will find themselves unable to carry out deposit or withdrawal their funds.

Extending the list of disabled features, the market will be closed for up to 3 hours beginning at 22:00 UTC, also all the order that has been partially filled will be canceled and all the open other will remain in the order book.

Hopefully, those updates don’t only have disadvantages since they would bring quite useful features to the Bittrex platform users as a new way to add fiat into their account, improvement in the way users are able to manage their account like access to full transaction history, account statement but also more option in conditional orders as trader will not need reserve fund when processing conditional order.

Bittrex, with a volume of operations of 60 million dollars, is one of the largest exchanges of cryptocurrencies in the actual market, and has been operating for several years and these new updates can bring greater welfare to the trading platform.

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