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Real Estate Investment Trust Link REIT Partners with Allinfra to Incorporate Blockchain Technology and Revolutionize Today’s Industries

The incorporation of blockchain technology into existing systems has taken center stage in several industries. At the center of this momentum, renowned firms are in their attempt to be part of the leading package, this time the real estate investment company Link has partnered with Allinfra.

While the two firms have partnered up to drive up development in their respective fields, the centerpiece of their partnership is blockchain technology. Through blockchain, Allinfra and REIT hope to use its features to tokenize assets. However, their collaboration will commence with a pilot project dubbed solar project.

The solar project will include the installation of photovoltaic panels on properties belonging to Link REIT based in Hong Kong. This project will be used to create viable projects in which Allinfra will tokenize its property, economic and carbon reduction projects. The latter would make sustainable projects available for trade. In addition to that, it will also boost cryptocurrency adoption and blockchain integration.

Although the implementation of the solar project will begin in Hong Kong, with the Link REIT portfolio, the Allinfra blockchain platform will quickly reach the market. The property portfolio consists of offices, parking lots and commercial properties spread across Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong. With that portfolio, Allinfra will come to tokenize environmental and infrastructure assets, which are nowhere to be found, but have great potential.

“For us, Allinfra stood out from the crowd because of its track record, years of experience in the capital markets and expertise. However, through our robust and ambitious ESG program, we will be exploring the use of blockchain technology to come up with better ESG solutions. In this partnership, we will be focusing on areas such as data management and carbon reduction and hope to redefine these sectors through blockchain technology.” Calvin Lee Kwan, Link REIT General Manager, Corporate Development & Strategy.

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