Unicef will use miners to help Syrian children

The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) has just launched a project called Gamer Chaingers. With the initiative they want to ...

Tangem billetes

Tangem: Cryptocurrencies in smart banknotes

While it is true that the fundamental nature of cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin is to be primarily digital, it is ...

Coinfinity transaction

Coinfinity executes a transaction at an ATM with Lightning Network support

Austrian company Coinfinity is going to add up a new distinction to its record, for it has successfully executed the ...

south korea blockchain

South Korean finance minister: Blockchain technology can change the world

South Korea’s finance minister Kim Dong-yeon has shown himself as a supporter of cryptocurrencies in various occasions. His most recent ...

waves tokenomy

Waves to push into billion-dollar Southeast Asian token markets

Waves collaborates with Indonesian initiative Tokenomy to push into major new global opportunities. The partnership with the project, which has ...

When Bitcoin Sneezes, Crypto Catches a Cold but Interoperability Might be the Cure

Bitcoin is currently getting a bear hug as its price continues to drop steadily as 2018 gets underway. The cryptocurrency ...

europol bitcoin

Europol and Interpol unite against the laundering of cryptocurrencies and financing of terrorism

As a result of a two-day workshop, which brought together more than sixty researchers specialized in the financial area, Europol ...

India Bitcoin

High taxes on Bitcoin shocks the Indian market

Both India and other countries are adopting Bitcoin at a fast rate. What many have not reckoned with is the ...

samsung mining

Samsung enters the market of cryptocurrencies with ASIC

South Korea’s Samsung Electronics has just announced the closure of a contract to supply ASIC to the Chinese company HW, ...

cheetah wallet

Cheetah Mobile already has its own wallet for Bitcoin and Ethereum

Chinese mobile application company Cheetah Mobile announced the launch of a new cryptocurrency wallet called Safe Wallet. Cheetah Mobile manufactures ...

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