Waves launchs its Ethereum gateway

From Russia, the people of Waves bring us the launch of their new payment gateway with Ethereum. Having successfully launched ...


Bitclave: new paradigm in advertising with Blockchain technology

An interesting and advanced proposal using Blockchain technology brings us the people of Bitclave. With a new vision that seeks ...


Falcon Group partners with Bitcoin Suisse to facilitate the purchase of Bitcoin

Swiss private bank Falcon Group announced that it will be the first Swiss bank to offer blockchain asset management solutions ...


Why cryptocurrencies prices are falling down?

The sensitive collapse of the prices of the cryptocurrencies has been cause for alarm and attention. Throughout the week that ...


Etherplay Digitizes Arcade Games with Ethereum Network

Etherplay, based in Scotland, is using the Ethereum network to power the first transparent platform of skill-building built on blockchain. ...


Blockchain in criminal justice worldwide

Despite the speed with which blockchain technology is being adopted in many areas, there is still a legal system in ...


Bitcoin Certificate is the most commercialized product in Swiss Exchange

Issuers of the bitcoin certificate that are traded on the Swiss stock market issued 20 million Swiss francs of certificates, ...


Air: Improving Identity Management with Blockchain Technology

With steady and steady steps, Blockchain technology has gradually gained ground and acceptance through its application in many industries. From ...


InPay innovating with Waves and Ethereum Classic

In an effort to promote greater versatility, stability and ease of use in the world of cryptography, InPay has developed ...


Dent: blockchain revolution in the mobile data market

The increasing use and adoption of blockchain technology, and more specifically the use of Ethereum Blockchain and Smart Contracts, is ...

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