Maple Finance Taps Exemption to Serve US Customers

Maple Finance Taps Exemption to Serve US Customers
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Maple Finance, a blockchain-related marketplace for institutional investors, has extended its latest Cash Management Solutions to the US market after securing an exemption that allows it to service accredited investors in the region.

According to an official update, Maple Finance has secured a Regulation D (RegD) exemption from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). This essentially means that customers domiciled in the US will now have access to the Web3 lending pool popularly touted as “risk-free”.

Since its commencement in April, Maple Finance’s USDC treasury pool has gathered over $27 million USDC in deposits and paid an average of 4.67% to customers outside of the US where it first launched.

However, the RegD exemption alleviates certain registration obligations, enabling Maple Finance to concentrate on delivering its cash management prowess without being entangled in excessive regulatory procedures.

By explicitly targeting accredited US inventors, Maple Finance hopes to demonstrate its astute approach in aligning with a demographic that values financial expertise and innovative solutions. Accredited investors are individuals or entities meeting specific income or net worth standards, reflecting a high level of financial acumen.

Maple Finance Launch its Direct Lending Program

Notably, this synchronization between Maple Finance’s offerings and the preferences of accredited investors positions the company favorably, fostering successful client relationships and an upsurge in investments.

Maple Finance Launch its Direct Lending Program

Just recently, Maple Finance launched its direct lending program for the masses. The firm noted that it would fulfill the role of a lender on the platform if the situation demands it. At the same time, it would provide capital from institutional allocators to creditworthy borrowers via its credit underwriting expertise. This simply means that anyone failing to obtain loans from other providers would be able to obtain them via Maple Direct.

In addition, the firm believes that traditional lenders need more capability and the required expertise to underwrite innovative groups of Web3.0 firms. As such, Maple announced that it would continue to focus on the expansion of its existing services, suggesting that the firm would not replace the current platform that features competing lenders.

Recall that, the cryptocurrency platform established a $300 million credit fund for Bitcoin (BTC) miners. The loan was secured with a mix of Bitcoin mining rigs, power assets, and tokens to form a relatively small portion of the collateral used to secure the loans.


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