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More than security, FortKnoxter

The security of our online communications is a very serious matter to which, whether due to ignorance or carelessness, the vast majority of us have not bring enough attention and care. We all currently have smart devices that allow us to download messaging applications, most of which “offer” an apparent security that has proven not to be inviolable. Blockchain technology brings us a chance to reverse that vulnerability and security, and the people of FortKnoxter know it very well. This time we will talk about their security platform.

From Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Signal, to Telegram, etc. all these software solutions have in common, having been created to provide free communication. Through the use of their respective technologies, these messaging applications offer protection of their data. However, these software solutions have their limitations, and they are not so secure. Among cyber crimes, espionage by governments or other entities, and even software companies appropriate our data, all these are vulnerabilities that these applications have.

One of the most sensitive aspects is related to the access and use of personal data. It is about the power of Big Data, which allows companies to offer their products and services in the most personalized way possible. This has caused and rightly an important ethical questioning, which has motivated new alternatives to be channeled. Large companies such as Google and Facebook collect and use user data of their users to sell advertising to third parties. Everything that is done within these platforms is recorded, stored and analyzed in order to make money. You have to remember that online activity leaves traces.

In addition, considering the aspect of security deficiencies, since many systems are hackable, the possibility of your personal data falling into unscrupulous hands is enormous.

Thinking about all this, the people of FortKnoxster have developed a web and mobile platform that offers an encrypted inbox from end to end, with chat, calls, video conferences and messages. It works on Ethereum Blockchain technology using smart contracts to achieve links between users with secure, private and trusted communication. Thanks to blockchain no single entity can compromise the digital identity of a user and there is no single point of failure present. FortKnoxster with this eliminates the risk of hacking, and government surveillance, among other risks.

FortKnoxster also provides encrypted notes and file storage, all with the respective security. The platform can be accessed from their website or through their iOS and Android application.

The entire FortKnoxster storage infrastructure consists of a P2P network in which users can rent their hard drives and earn FKX tokens in storage usage and bandwidth usage. All files are encrypted end-to-end using keys that only the loader of these files possesses, thus guaranteeing the integrity of access to that data.

With a business model based on profit incentive through tokens, FortKnoxter develops a complete ecosystem based on the FKX token, which is its native token, and intelligent contracts that help facilitate secure transactions and incentives for users. It also brings its own built-in wallet for the use and storage of the FKX tokens. Users can purchase subscriptions for services such as: encrypted storage, renting hard drives, rewards for referrals and loyalty to the platform.

There will be a fixed supply of FKX during the sale of the token (135 Million tokens). The referential value of the FKX token is 1 USD = 5.25 FKX.

To be up-to-date on the news of this platform, we recommend following them on their Telegram channel.


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