Mina Protocol Gives an Update on Q4 Ecosystem Roadmap

Mina Protocol has recently shared an update of considerable development in Q4 of 2022. Among them included adding custom token support. The protocol stated that custom tokens are now available. Furthermore, they are fully supported by the current version of SnarkyJS and Berkley testnet. Apart from that, Mina Protocol also shared information regarding the testing of zkApps. The Berkley testnet has been up and running with no issues since September. However, it was recently updated in November. The zkIgnite, cohort 0, has managed to seek the interest of a greater number of developers. As a result of such an initiative, testing activity on the protocol is expected to grow considerably.

On the other hand, Mina Protocol also handed out information regarding the zkBridge. The zkBridge would link the protocol with Ethereum and is currently in its final stages. However, these are just some of the many updates the protocol has shared.

Mina Protocol can be described as the world’s largest blockchain and is efficiently powered by multiple participants. The Mina protocol harnesses the power of zero-knowledge technology in an effort to craft the infrastructure of a safe future. The protocol’s native currency, MINA, plays a great role in facilitating transactions. Apart from that, the coin is also responsible for the distribution of fees between users. It is pretty much evident that blockchain technology has gained great popularity over time. Keeping that in mind, the number of transactions on most platforms has also increased drastically.

Mina Protocol Gives an Update on Q4 Ecosystem Roadmap

What’s Next for Mina Protocol?

Mina Protocol plans to introduce on-chain voting by the first quarter of 2023. The feature would allow Mina users to participate in governance proposals. This would be done through signalling support for suggested hard forks including changes to the protocol. Apart from this, Mina Protocol successfully delivered the code for the zkBridge in Q4 of 2022. For Q1 of 2023, the protocol plans to work on its deployment and launch. The zkBridge would make zkApps easily accessible from ETH as well as other chains.

Some of these plans even talk about the zkOracles. As shared by the protocol, this was to be updated in a total of 2 phases. Phase 1 was completed in Q4 of 2022, and marked its availability as well. Similarly, Q2 is expected to be worked on during Q2 of 2023.