Massive Bitcoin and Ethereum Options Expiry: Will Volatility Strike the Crypto Market?

Massive Bitcoin and Ethereum Options Expiry: Will Volatility Strike the Crypto Market?
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  • Bitcoin and Ethereum Options Expiry: On April 5th, options contracts for 18,000 BTC and 270,000 ETH are set to expire, with a combined notional value of $2.09 billion. This event could impact market volatility and cryptocurrency prices.
  • Historical Context: Previous large options expiries have influenced market behavior, but the actual impact can vary. In December 2023, $11 billion in crypto options expired, yet the market remained relatively stable.
  • Current Scenario: Bitcoin faces pressure with a critical max pain point of $68,000, while Ethereum’s max pain point is $3,400. Traders remain optimistic about Bitcoin’s rebound potential, but monitoring trading volumes is crucial for Ethereum’s trajectory.

On April 5th, Bitcoin and Ethereum options contracts for 18,000 Bitcoin (BTC) and 270,000 Ethereum (ETH) are set to expire. The Bitcoin options have a notional value of $1.2 billion, while the Ethereum options are valued at $890 million. This significant event could potentially lead to increased volatility in the market and affect the pricing of these major cryptocurrencies by market cap.

Massive Bitcoin and Ethereum Options Expiry: Will Volatility Strike the Crypto Market?

Regarding the impact on market volatility, historical data suggests that large options expiries can indeed influence market behavior. For instance, a record $11 billion in crypto options expired in December 2023, but the market remained relatively stable. 

Following the expiration of a massive $15 billion in crypto options last Friday, the market is now bracing for another significant event: the expiration of over $2 billion in options, which could clarify some of the prevailing uncertainties.

However, it’s important to note that the actual impact can vary and is influenced by multiple factors, including market sentiment and broader economic conditions. Therefore, while an increase in volatility is possible, it is not guaranteed.

Anticipating Market Movements: Bitcoin and Ethereum Options Expiry Insights

Massive Bitcoin and Ethereum Options Expiry: Will Volatility Strike the Crypto Market?

Currently, Bitcoin is facing pressure as 18,060 BTC options with a notional value of $1.21 billion are nearing expiration, and the put-call ratio stands at 0.63. The critical max pain point is at $68,000, suggesting that Bitcoin is under strain. Despite a decrease in implied volatility (IV), erratic price swings are anticipated.

Nonetheless, traders are optimistic about Bitcoin’s potential to rebound to values exceeding $70,000 within this week. In the past day, the call volume for BTC, at 10,817, has surpassed the put volume of 8,076, resulting in a put-call ratio of 0.75.

At the time of writing, Bitcoin is trading at around $67K, while Ethereum is exchanging hands at $3.280, according to data from CoinMarketCap.

In parallel, Ethereum is also approaching a crucial juncture as 270,441 ETH options with a nearly $0.89 billion notional value are set to expire. The put-call ratio is a mere 0.38. The max pain point for Ethereum is $3,400, higher than its current price of $3,287, hinting at a potential decline if it doesn’t surpass the max pain threshold. 

Monitoring trading volumes will be essential for further insights into Ethereum’s price trajectory. For Ethereum, the last 24-hour period saw a call volume of 155,690 compared to a put volume of 49,100, with the call open interest outstripping the put open interest, reflected in a put-call ratio of 0.31.


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