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Local Monero breaks barriers, is now available in Spanish

Local Monero is a website that acts as an exchange platform connecting buyers and sellers of Monero [XMR]. This online exchange enables users to connect with persons buying or selling the XMR crypto.

Local Monero website was launched in August last year by a team of individuals from Hong Kong. The Local Monero project came to life through a post on Reddit. This website allows the trading of XMR in exchange of other fiat currencies.

The site also holds up numerous payment methods including global and local payment methods. Some of the global payments methods supported by this website include; MoneyGram, PayPal and Venmo. While local payment methods include Cash, M-pesa, OneCard and many others. The site supports currencies such as CAD, EUR, USD, GDP, JPY and KES. It also operates transaction limits for traders that involve moving from one fiat currency to another.

Fast, Secure and Affordable

The site has a very tight layer of verification, security and privacy for its users and at the same time the processing speed is instant. Another benefit is that the transaction fee is very minimal.

Advertisements placed on Local Monero are charged at a 1% fee for each completed trade. Local Monero works towards building a safe, secure and simple peer-to-peer platform for its users all across the continents. There isn’t any fees charged while registering for Local Monero and there is also no fee charged for buying and selling Monero through the exchange of an existing advertisement.

Just like Monero [XMR], Local Monero is also privacy centred. All logs placed on this platform are encrypted and the attachments uploaded in the chat log to prevent uncertified use. Local Monero differs from other cryptocurrency exchanges. This is because as a user, you make trades with another person instead of trading via the exchange.

Local Monero project came to life through a post on Reddit

Local Monero community

Additionally, the Monero Community has forums that are designed for talks related to crypto trade opportunities, expansion requests and other topics linked to Monero. These Local Monero forums are made for public discussions whereby, users share their knowledge, skill and interest concerning the Monero crypto.

To add on Monero’s developments, the Local Monero now has a Spanish translation. This aims to improve digital transaction in Mexico and other countries where the language is dominant. This way, language barriers that deter the growth of Monero are reduced.

Monero has a number of other translations. These include; German, Swedish, French, Russian and a few more. Local Monero is looking to include more translations to the site in order to expand.

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