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Klever coin, known as KLV, is the native token of the Klever Layer 1 blockchain, serving as the fueling gas for the entire ecosystem. With KLV, users can pay for blockchain fees when creating dApps and stablecoins, and they can enjoy discounts on Klever Swap fees.

In addition, users can stake KLV to earn rewards, contributing to the security of the network. KLV holders have the added benefit of booking travel and making payments with KLV, showcasing its versatility and practical applications within the Klever ecosystem.

Functionalities of Klever Coin (KLV)

klever coin

Klever Coin (KLV) serves several important functions within the Klever ecosystem, providing users with a versatile tool for various applications, such as:

Transaction Fees

klever coin

Payment for Fees: KLV is used to pay transaction fees on the Klever blockchain. This includes fees for creating and interacting with decentralized applications (dApps) and stablecoins.

Discounts: Users can receive discounts on transaction fees when using KLV, making it a cost-effective option for frequent transactions within the ecosystem​ 

Staking and Rewards

Staking: Users can stake their KLV tokens to earn rewards. This process helps secure the network and incentivizes users to participate actively in maintaining the blockchain’s integrity.

Rewards: Staking KLV allows users to earn additional KDA tokens as rewards, providing a passive income stream for long-term holders​​.

Utility in Ecosystem

Creating dApps and Stablecoins: Developers can use KLV to pay for the creation and deployment of decentralized applications and stablecoins on the Klever blockchain.

Integration with Klever Services: KLV is integrated into various services within the Klever ecosystem, such as the Klever Wallet, Klever Swap, and Klever Extension and other Klever-related platforms​

Payment and Travel

klever coin

Booking Travel: KLV can be used to book travel services, demonstrating its practical utility beyond just the crypto environment.

General Payments: Users can make payments with KLV, enabling a broader range of use cases for the token in real-world scenarios​

Discounts on Klever Swap

Klever Swap Fees: Users can use KLV to receive discounts on transaction fees when swapping cryptocurrencies within the Klever Swap platform, making it an economical choice for frequent traders​​.

KLV is more than just a token

klever coin

Klever has partnered with Unstoppable Domains to integrate blockchain-based domain names into its ecosystem, significantly enhancing its user experience. This collaboration introduces the .klever Web3 top-level domain (Web 3TLD), allowing Klever’s 4 million ecosystem members to claim free .klever domains via the K5 Wallet. These domains provide a user-owned, secure, and portable digital identity, which can be used to replace complex cryptocurrency wallet addresses, log in to various apps and games, and host decentralized websites​ 

Additionally, Klever is a founding member of the .Wallet Alliance, an initiative by Unstoppable Domains to standardize wallet usernames across multiple platforms. This initiative allows users to replace long, numerical wallet addresses with simple, memorable usernames like brad.wallet or taylor.wallet, simplifying peer-to-peer crypto transactions. Users can send and receive over 275+ coins and tokens using a single .wallet address, making cryptocurrency transactions more accessible and user-friendly​.

$KLV Transition to Klever Blockchain 

Klever’s decision to create its own blockchain was driven by the need to enhance scalability, security, and overall performance within its ecosystem. This strategic move allows Klever to develop a more robust infrastructure tailored to the specific needs of its decentralized applications (dApps). By transitioning from KLV as a TRC-20 token on the TRON blockchain to KDA (Klever Decentralized Application) as the mainnet token on Klever blockchain, Klever has significantly improved the efficiency and scalability of its network.

Klever is designed to process up to 3,000 transactions per second, providing a highly scalable solution that can support a wide range of applications and high transaction volumes without compromising speed or reliability. This scalability is essential for the smooth functioning of dApps and other services within the Klever ecosystem.

Where to trade $KLV

KLV as a TRC-20 token remains actively traded on major exchanges like KuCoin, Bitget, HTX (formerly Huobi), Gate.io, and MEXC, providing liquidity and accessibility for users.

Buy KLV 

BUY Klever

In a recent development, Klever KDA has been listed on Simplex, a leading fiat-to-crypto on-ramp platform. This listing enables users to purchase KDA directly with credit and debit cards, and also allows for bank transfers in certain regions, thereby enhancing accessibility and ease of use for new and existing users in the Klever ecosystem. This listing on Simplex marks a significant step forward in expanding KLV’s reach and usability in the broader cryptocurrency market. 

Swap KLV

klever coin

Swap KLV means exchange crypto with no complications. It’s like buying crypto using another cryptocurrency as payment option so, you exchange one crypto for another with no need of registration and KYC and the exchanged amount goes straight to your wallet address.
This is pure DeFi magic and KLV is available for swapping in several swap tools, including:

  1. KleverSwap 
  2. VoxSwap 
  3. Defi Bitcoin.me 
  4. SimpleSwap
  5. ChangeNOW


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