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When we think about investing in cryptocurrencies, the image of the wall street brokers buying and selling shares shouting on the platform often comes to mind; but the reality is very different. Cryptocurrencies have approached a type of investment very similar to the traditional stock market for people from anywhere in the world.

Is it profitable to invest in cryptocurrencies?

When the cryptocurrencies broke into the current economic system, banks, governments and large institutions wanted to downplay them, be referred to as a bubble and say that they would not get very far, time has passed and the tables have changed, many of those who despised them, now they invest in them and adopt their technology.

There is no doubt that they have come to stay and become the future of the traditional economy, that is why investing in cryptocurrencies is still an option that should not be ruled out.


Why invest in cryptocurrencies?

Actually the question we should ask ourselves is, why not? If we are thinking about dedicating part of our capital to making an investment, the investment with cryptocurrencies is an option that we should keep in mind.

The performance of cryptocurrencies can be much higher than that of other sectors. Since it is a very young market and has great volatility, investing in a consolidated project in the sector could yield great benefits in the future.

Equally not only are you making an investment, but you are contributing to a sector destined to change and improve the financial sector that has had so many excesses, through a completely decentralized network of finances where the users themselves have control of their own assets.

Where to invest in cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrency purchase / sale platforms

For new cryptocurrency investors, this type of platform is usually the easiest way to acquire cryptocurrencies and Coinbase is usually the first destination.

This cryptocurrency purchase / sale platform has been offering its services since 2012 and has become a model in the sector.


Exchanges are usually the second step when a person makes an investment in cryptocurrencies, since one of the first tips that you learn when you enter the world of cryptocurrencies is that you have to diversify and exchanges are the best place to do it.

The exchange houses with the highest volume of cryptocurrencies moved daily are: Binance, OKEx, Huobi, bitfinex and ZB.COM

Peer to Peer

Among the different options for investing in cryptocurrencies, peer-to-peer investments are the option taken by some users.

Being able to buy cryptocurrencies in person usually gives investors more confidence, since they can put a face to the person with whom they are negotiating with.

To avoid problems, scams or deceptions, it is advisable to choose a trusted seller, for this there are two options, contact someone who has been recommended by someone in our circle, or investigate and analyze the vendors of the platform that we will use.


You can invest in cryptocurrencies with fiduciary money or you can invest your time.

Faucets reward their users with cryptocurrencies for free and in return they only ask that the user performs a task, which goes from seeing an advertisement to solving a captcha or accessing a website, among others.

Social networks

Oddly enough, there are social networks in which in addition to the owners making money, users can also get benefits, the best known is Hive Blog. is also a way to invest in cryptocurrencies without investing money. It is a social network that rewards the users publications with Hive Dolars (HBD) and voting power, the HBD can be sent to an exchange and traded for other cryptocurrencies.

In Hive besides obtaining HBD with publications, Hive Power is also obtained, which makes our vote more and more valuable and when we vote the articles of other people their reward in HBD will be greater.


Another very common option when investing in cryptocurrencies is investing in Initial Coin Oferings (ICO). Before going on the market, the ICOs perform a token sale to finance themselves and investors acquire a number of tokens based on their investment made. When the project goes on the market, the tokens are distributed to their investors, who can save or sell them.

This type of investment has given very good returns in the past, but with the growth that these types of projects are having, it is increasingly difficult to find one that provides extra value.

profitability to invest in cryptocurrencies

Ways to invest in cryptocurrencies


Holding an investment (saving it without making any movement with it) usually indicates either that the investment made is conservative and is directed to a project that has been previously studied and is sure of its future growth, or it may also indicate that we are facing an unstable market that makes its investors more cautious when it comes to making transactions.


This form of investment is usually focused for the most knowledgeable in the sector (Traders), which perform transactions frequently, taking advantage of market volatility and extracting a profit from this activity. However, it is the most risky option in a volatile market and at the same time a purely speculative action.

Trading with cryptocurrencies is usually done in a short, medium or long term depending on the state of the market and is preceded by a fundamental technical analysis, which indicates the paths that the value of a cryptocurrency may have in the near future.

Mixed Cryptocurrencies Investment

This is the most common option, where part of the capital goes to strong, consolidated projects and a Hold is made; and another part of the capital goes to tranding in the short, medium or long term.


Tips when investing in cryptocurrencies

  • Do not invest what you are not willing to lose
  • Study the projects before making an investment
  • Diversify
  • Take care of the security of your accounts and wallets to the maximum
  • Keep up to date on the related news of the sector

Are you interested in investing in cryptocurrencies? Have you invested and want to tell the rest of the readers what your experience has been? What was the first investment you made? Thank you for sharing it with us!


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