FIFA Metaverse Tournament in Qatar is Announced

FIFA Metaverse Tournament in Qatar in Announced
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There is a new metaverse FIFA gaming tournament taking place in Qatar that is the first of its kind in the middle east. Viewers will also have the opportunity to meet some of the players and influencers or use them to invest in the game.

The EA Sports FIFA 22 Champions Cup, as it is named, will be taking place at Aspire Ladies Sports Hall in Doha, providing FIFA fans around the world with the opportunity to see the top players from FIFA battling for the title.

Twelve of the best FIFA 22 players from EA Sports are participating in the tournament, as well as four players from the regional region who have been given a chance to experience what it’s like to compete with professionals through a series of online qualification games from Ooredoo Nation – Gamers’ Land.

Among the top three players, there will be a cash prize of $25,000, a second-place prize of $15,000, a third- and fourth-place prize of $5,000, with a total prize fund of $50,000 in all.

Football in the Metaverse

There are plenty of opportunities throughout the tournament for viewers to interact with each other and with players alike, as well as during the tournament to cheer on their favorite players. The goal was to make the tournament more enjoyable for those just watching and cheering on their favorite players.

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Furthermore, Ooredoo Nation – Gamers’ Land is offering free NFTs to all viewers, which can be exchanged for products like apparel, used to meet the players and various influencers, or kept as investments for the future.

Nasser bin Hamad bin Nasser Al Thani Chief Commercial Officer at Ooredoo said:

“We are proud and excited to be venturing into the world of Web 3.0 technologies with this latest eSports development, which aligns perfectly with our strategic commitment to invest in innovation.”

I suggest you visit the official website of EA Sports FIFA 22 Champions Cup if you would like to experience EA Sports FIFA 22 Champions Cup first-hand. If this is not feasible, you can watch it on YouTube at any time you want.

Over the past few years, gaming and eSports have flourished in the Middle East, especially in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt. The MENA region is one of the fastest-growing gaming and eSports markets in the world.


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