Fantom [FTM] Blockchain all set to host on-chain perpetual options, financial NFTs

Fantom [FTM] Blockchain all set to host on-chain perpetual options, financial NFTs
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AntiMatter announced a new partnership with Fantom to launch new services on this growing blockchain, like financial NFTs. It’s another great news for the Fantom community that has been enjoying considerable growth in the past few days.

New services like on-chain perpetual contracts and financial NFTs will surely result in more users coming to the Fantom ecosystem and more demand for the FTM token. All of them ultimately result in a chain of incidents that help Fantom grow more.

More Growth Opportunities for Fantom

Fantom is one of the best performing blockchains in the industry these days. The native token of the platform, FTM, recorded a %1000 growth since July 21st and is currently trading at $1.4. There are many reasons behind the considerable growth of Fantom and FTM token that are similar to some other blockchains like Solana.

Fantom is trying to solve the many challenges we see nowadays in smart contract platforms like Ethereum. It offers faster transactions, lower gas fees, and better scalability options for developers. All of these features, next to the increasing attraction to this blockchain, have resulted in a new partnership with AntiMatter.

AntiMatter, one of the most successful hubs for derivatives and financial NFTs in the cryptocurrency industry, believes that the Fantom blockchain can help its product faster. The team behind this hub has decided to launch on-chain perpetual contracts and financial NFTs on Fantom to benefit from the ongoing demand for this blockchain.

AntiMatter offers various on-chain financial products and has decided to initially partner with Fantom with perpetual options and financial NFTs. The perpetual options on AntiMatter products are non-oracle-based. It makes the products unique because many other similar services rely on third-party oracles that may reduce the security benefit.

As mentioned above, the recent spike in price and demand for Fantom is the main reason AntiMatter has decided to launch products on it. According to the announcement on AntiMatter official blog:

“Seeing the recent growth of Fantom, we decided to leverage the network for both our core products. We believe that this decision will support further adoption of on-chain perpetual options and financial NFTs alike.”

The Fantom ecosystem can benefit a lot from the new services that AntiMatter launches on this blockchain. This scalable layer one blockchain can gradually become the first choice for many DeFi users and developers. The EVM compatibility is another reason we see more projects launch a unique version on Fantom or completely migrate to it.

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