Fantom Foundation Launches Sonic Chain with New Labs and $10M Funding

Fantom Foundation Launches Sonic Chain with New Labs and $10M Funding
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  • Fantom Foundation announces the launch of Sonic, a new blockchain with innovative features.
  • The launch of Sonic includes the creation of the Sonic Foundation and Sonic Labs to manage the governance and growth of the ecosystem.
  • A $10 million strategic financing round led by Hashed, with backing from other prominent investors, has closed.

The Fantom Foundation has unveiled its plans to revolutionize the blockchain space with the launch of Sonic, a new blockchain designed to offer a unique combination of scalability, speed and security.

As announced by Michael Kong, CEO of Fantom Foundation, Sonic will be a Layer 1 platform with a native Layer 2 bridge connected to Ethereum, allowing unprecedented interoperability between both networks.

The launch of Sonic not only involves the introduction of new technology, but also the creation of two new entities: Sonic Foundation and Sonic Labs.

The first will be in charge of the governance and treasury management of the Sonic ecosystem, while the second will focus on driving the growth of decentralized applications , partnerships and the network community.

To support this ambitious project, Fantom has closed a $10 million strategic funding round, led by Hashed, one of the leading venture capital firms in the crypto space.

This financial backing will allow Fantom to further expand its ecosystem and develop new initiatives that drive Sonic adoption in the industry.

The launch of Sonic and the consolidation of its ecosystem represents an important milestone on the path to mass blockchain adoption.

With its focus on interoperability, scalability and security, Sonic has the potential to transform a wide range of industries and applications, from real-world assets to high-speed transaction-based games.

Fantom Foundation Launches Sonic Chain with New Labs and $10M Funding

Sonic’s impact on the future of Fantom blockchain technology

The launch of Sonic represents a crucial milestone in advancing blockchain technology into a new phase of innovation.

With its advanced architecture and focus on interoperability, Sonic has the potential to unlock a number of new opportunities in various sectors.

From decentralized finance to cross-border payments and tokenization of real-world assets, Sonic promises to transform the way we interact with blockchain networks.

As the Sonic network develops and expands, it is plausible to anticipate greater adoption by both developers and users.

This continued growth will drive a dynamic evolution of the blockchain ecosystem, fostering the creation of innovative applications and the emergence of new forms of economic and social interaction in an increasingly digitalized world.


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