Fantom Partners with Google Cloud to Boost Next-Gen dApp Development

Fantom Partners with Google Cloud to Boost Next-Gen dApp Development
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  • Fantom partners with Google Cloud to improve AI infrastructure and capabilities.
  • Google Cloud will be a validator on the Opera network and will migrate to the Sonic network.
  • Google Cloud will offer $200,000 in credits to dApps that move to Sonic.

The Fantom Foundation has announced a strategic partnership with Google Cloud to improve the development and security of decentralized applications (dApps) on the Fantom network.

This collaboration will allow developers to access the scalable infrastructure and advanced artificial intelligence capabilities of Google Cloud, thus encouraging the creation of smarter, more secure products that improve the user experience.

Within this alliance, Google Cloud will act as a validator on Opera mainnet and plans to migrate to the new Sonic network once it is up and running.

This participation will help scale and secure the platform network, providing a solid foundation for future growth.

Additionally, Google Cloud will offer $200,000 in credits over two years to Foundation-funded Fantom dApps that move to the Sonic network, incentivizing startups and accelerating application development on the platform.

Fantom Foundation CEO Michael Kong highlighted the importance of a developer-centric approach and expressed his excitement about the additional resources and capabilities this collaboration will bring to the ecosystem.

This partnership is not only built on infrastructure, but also on security, as the platform will adopt Google Cloud’s AI-powered threat detection system, along with robust vulnerability management through Google’s Security Command Center.

This multi-layered defense system will ensure collaborative protection against cyber threats, significantly improving the security of the infrastructure managed by the Foundation.

Fantom partners with Google Cloud to drive next-generation dApp development

Fantom Innovation with Sonic

News of the partnership comes at a crucial time for the company, which is preparing to launch Sonic, a new high-capacity chain that includes the Fantom Virtual Machine (FVM).

The FVM promises to offer improvements over the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) while maintaining EVM compatibility.

The Sonic Foundation and Sonic Labs have been established to support the development and maintenance of this new chain, backed by a $10 million funding round led by prominent DeFi developers and investors.

Rishi Ramchandani, Head of Web3 APAC at Google Cloud, underlined Google Cloud’s commitment to expanding the Web3 ecosystem, empowering founders, businesses and developers with secure infrastructure and advanced AI capabilities.

The expanded relationship with Fantom is a reflection of this mission, helping developers build more engaging and meaningful applications.


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