Ethereum Name Service and GoDaddy Join Forces for a Revolution in Domain Names

ethereum ens
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  • ENS and GoDaddy join forces to link traditional web domains with blockchain-based names.
  • The collaboration simplifies the association of domain names with complex Ethereum addresses, benefiting over 20 million GoDaddy users with no additional costs or technical expertise required.
  • The integration between Ethereum Name Service and GoDaddy is poised to be a key catalyst for decentralized environments, facilitating identification and interaction in the crypto ecosystem.

Ethereum Name Service (ENS) announced a strategic collaboration with domain registrar GoDaddy, a crucial step in linking traditional web domains with blockchain-based names. The primary goal of this partnership is to connect the DNS protocol used by traditional websites with ENS, allowing users to associate human-readable names with complex Ethereum addresses.

This initiative aims to eliminate existing barriers between traditional DNS and blockchain technology, offering users the possibility to merge the familiarity of DNS with the innovative potential of blockchain technology. A notable aspect of the collaboration is that it involves no additional costs or the need for technical expertise from users, simplifying the transition process.

With over 20 million GoDaddy users benefiting from ENS blockchain infrastructure, the integration is expected to provide a more efficient and accessible experience for users looking to associate domain names with Ethereum addresses.

The Collaboration between Ethereum Name Service and GoDaddy Will Be a Key Catalyst for Decentralized Environments

ENS, being the most widely used naming protocol in the crypto world, allows users to link easily memorable names, such as “bob.eth,” with complex ETH addresses. This approach mirrors the functionality of DNS in website URLs, facilitating identification and interaction in decentralized environments.

ethereum ens

Nick Johnson, founder of ENS, emphasizes the importance of this collaboration, stating that by combining ENS names and GoDaddy domains, the way users interact with web domains will be streamlined.

To address previous challenges, such as high gas fees, the collaboration will implement new smart contracts that will enable free DNS to ENS domain linking.

ENS continues its effort to integrate with the traditional web, adding support for a web domain (.box) that functions similarly to standard internet domains. This push towards integration with the conventional web demonstrates ENS’s commitment to expanding its utility beyond the crypto realm, facilitating widespread adoption of its innovative technology.


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