Dash will Host its First World Conference

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Dash announced that it will hold its first conference, the Dash Conference, scheduled for September 24 at the Oval Space in London, UK. The conference will be the precursor to the highly anticipated World Blockchain Forum from September 25 to 26 and will cover a wide range of topics such as blockchain scalability, governance, regulation, consumer adoption, unbanked service, the masternode and the commercial application.

Keynote speeches and panel sessions will also focus on Dash’s path to becoming the future of instant global payments, the upcoming release of Evolution, the Dash debit card, and the branch of research and hardware technology, Dash Labs.

The Dash Conference will show important integrations and reveal new business alliances with the expected 350 people.

Keynote speakers include Dash Core CEO Ryan Taylor and founder and strategy advisor Dash Evan Duffield. Both the Dash Conference and the World Blockchain Forum are coordinated by Keynote, the world leader in blockchain events.


Founder and CEO of Keynote, Moe Levin, among other things said: “Dash as one of the main cryptocurrencies, is entering a crucial phase in its development … With the increase of acceptance of sellers and buyers together with greater regulatory scrutiny and value fluctuations the Dash Core community is needed to ensure a prosperous and well-balanced future for the currency. The conference was created to bring together this community, which now ranges from enthusiasts to financial institutions, and to provide an open and forceful forum to advance the currency .. “

Those who wish to attend can obtain more information by entering here .

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